Jobless day two. Blessed with sunrise

in palnet •  10 months ago 

Although it is a sad time for me that I am jobless in a day, but I still grateful that I am alive and have the opportunity to witness such a beautiful sunrise.

Yes, i am really have think to shorten m6 life due to too much stress and incident happened, i do really cannot hang on anymore.

But luckily i am grateful to have important person to keep remind me how good life is.

Pray that upcoming life it will be ok.

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hey bro ! ... hang in there .. i've been in situations where you are at now and i'm sure opportunities would come knocking on your door. however during this phase, i do recommend that you perhaps learn up a new skill since you have the time, you'd be surprise at what may come out from it.

Thank you brother for the suggestion. Surely will do it..

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don't be sad because you are having alot of blessings despite job, and hope you will get new job soon

Thank you very much

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