Are you staking tokens on Steem Engine?

in palnet •  11 months ago 

The new front ends for Steemit are starting to make curating great again!


How's Your coin and token collecting going?

I know things have been moving fast here and it's not hard to miss things if you have been taking a break. I was starting to lose some interest in Steemit, but then Steem Engine made it great again.
With all these new tags and tokens we get multiple tokens on every post and some comments.

I decided to do a little test and let my tokens stack up for one week and this is how I did.

Screenshot (7).png

Other tokens not shown are SBD, SP, DEC, and Actifit all added to my collection this week. My sports talk tokens balance would be much larger if I hadn't been staking them every day.

I have been spending most of my time over at sports talk and earning tokens to stake and building up my vote strength. I was very surprised to see my Pal and Leo doing so well just from the auto voter trail that I follow and cross-posting with the correct tags.

I am still stacking gold and silver, soon I will show a few things I just picked up. I still feel like stacking gold and silver right now is a great idea! I don't think dollars are going to hold much value over the next few years.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!

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Lately my wallet has been getting more and more inviting. So yeah, I'm staking most of the tokens I'm getting. It's actually getting confusing now

Any week is good when you are stacking and hopefully it will increase as others stack as well.

If they stack them like you they should be ok!

So is the sportstalk tag what I need for the sports?? I'm losing track of all these new tags, but I'm loving them.

Yup, I put my Actifit posts there too!

Well for sure had also started to lose some interest on steemit but SMTs have brought back my interest in a huge way. I have also been staking all the tokens i get.

Moronically enough, I dumped 1k pal for 50 steem and for that reason I didn't get LEO so I'm not staking those two, but to compensate I'm going all out on SPORTS and staking literally everything I get from posting/curating/commenting to avoid making such mistakes in the future QQ

i just saw some of these tokens in my wallet section don't know much seems like i just need to hold may be

Hmmm.... so the key to earning more tokens is using the tag of the token?

That and I noticed your comment only showed up on steemit and palnet. Not steemleo or sportstalk. I wonder if you have to have a stake for it to show up? That would be 4 upvotes for your 1 comment also!
can you leave one here?

I can't leave a reply on that link. The reply can only be made on steemit or Palnet which that crosses over and vice versa. Maybe if you refreshed? Wait, I shall leave you a new comment!

I feel like i get a new token a day. Some are staked, some are not. I need to decide if i am staking them all on one account, or setting up trailing accounts.

I am staking many tokens and getting nice revenue from it accordingly.

Glad to here that!

interesting your work ... I sincerely claim my tokens every day and then put it all into stakes. I wouldn't actually tell you how much I can earn ... you intrigued me and I will wait a week to see my results ;)

I am glad you liked the idea, I was very supprised!

Yeah sure, thank you

well i just came to learn about many new tribes would be starting to stacking them all slowly hopefully i would be able to do that :)

I stacking now only PAL and LEO, but I will stack too gaming tokens when I will back to make live streams and gameplays :)

Nice, There is a battle token too I think.

Hi, what auto trail are you following?
And you are absolutely right, it is fun again to go through posts.

@myprecious, It's a group of silver-gold stackers and friends I follow.

I am doing the same even as it gets more confusing every day! I really need to get back and start stacking some Silver these days!

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Good idea,no matter what l keep stacking silver.

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It is really exciting to see what's going on. New platforms are coming up. I'm sure there will be more platforms. SportsTalkSocial is my favorite one. I like sports, love martial arts!

It sure is, what's next is anyone's guess.

I just wish there was a way to display each stream of rewards differently, for example, how much is coming in from curation and stake mining...mine is all mixed up, so I can't tell which action is profiting more.

I unstaked my miners, I don't think they did much anyways, but I know what you mean!

I do have high hopes for steemleo though, I just hope they have a plan to bring external investors to invest in the token and take the project more mainstream. At the moment, most communities are still occupied with the old steemians.

That would be great! I'm still trying to figure out why some comments show up on steemleo and some don't.

I noticed too, lol....I guess somethings are still in the works

@tbnfl4sun, please check if THIS comment shows up on sportstal and steemleo. Let me know!

Nope, just pal and steem. hmm

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