A foggy day.

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A diary is good for: making notes, finding your content back, you can post it and can join contests with it too (see @team-ccc).

Monday - October 28, 2019

Another disaster of a school project. None of the seeds turned into seedlings except this single one. It is "boerenkool". It turns into a bush. It is planted because of a teacher, not because it is normal to do so during Autumn.

7 am
A morning filled with fog it is.

I answered and explained a lot about Commentcoin via @wakeupkitty.pal.

The contest "Help a plankton understand Steemit" hosted by @chrismadcboy2016... is it still there?
It starts on Wednesdays.
I gave some tips on the latest contest and wrote my answer as a separate post via @wakeupkitty.pal Tip 31: Join the contest "Help a plankton understand Steemit". I noticed he has not been active in the past day.

I decided to give an extra bonus to all who join and come up with an answer. You have 2 more days to do so.
(only one response that says enough about the Steemians who like to earn).

@fredkese won the earlier contest. He was the only one who joined. So 1 SBI as a bonus from me.

I edited my announcement of last Saturday.
I still had to add the PrintScreen of the prizes paid.

Sofar I cannot say the Commentcoin works for the freewrites. Did I read @arcange? wrote I had 53 comments on one post. 🤔

I answered the email I received from a Dutch company that will help me look search for the brake part I need, added the photo too. It took me 20 minutes to get it sent with my slow connection.

I washed my bedsheets and hung them outside. I hope they will dry (I only own one set) and it won't start raining.

I fed the wolves.

The bus-kid washed the dishes and I washed my hair.

1:29 pm
We drank some hot chocolate.

Time to announce the winners of the last time I hosted the contest "What do the letters ccc mean to you".

From today on this contest will be hosted by @team-ccc. If you like to join see here for the rules and prizes. You can earn Commentcoin too.

Posted the announcement of the winner. Congratulations @felixgarciap.

2:08 pm
Dpoll - done

Time to make some pancakes for the children. One banana left and used an apple for it.

Took the laundry inside, checked the mailbox and cut off some branches from the acacia. My laundry gets stuck in it. Lucky me all the sheets are dry.

We ate a lion. 🙂 (I lost 100 grams and assume it will be back tomorrow but by now I lost 14 pounds. Wonder how @carolkean is doing. The youngest has a hard time losing the last 2 pounds it goes up and down.

5 pm
Drinking tea. I can not get myself to drinking water again. My stomach feels ice cold. Perhaps I should save the bottle in bed. No fridge still cold water.

I posted Sunday is Yugo search day

My right eye bothers me it is infected.

5:23 pm
Wrote my freewrite English and German in one and used the Commentcoin tag.
Kein Zucker (D) / No sugar (En).

Posted it (took ages) and try to load it to give the link to @freiesschreiben and @mariannewest. It is already 6:51 pm 😖. With my connection, you need a lot of patience.

8:48 pm
My last post of the day >Good to know.
A story to tell...

It is a follow up from other (weekend)freewrites.

What happened before or... after?

Good to know.
[A story to tell...]

Tips to give newbies and others a hand on Steem(it).

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Bedtime for me.

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You are welcome happy Saturday. 💕