Running, Running & More Running! {Training & Racing}

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Whew! What a week! Lot's of time spent on my feet these last seven days. Between run groups, my own training and a few races this weekend, there was only one day I didn't lace up my running shoes.

Of course not all of those sessions were quality workouts, but still a solid week of activity in the books. It's still been quite toasty here in Atlanta, though not quite so bad as last week. Today is actually a good bit cooler than it has been in a long time. Compared to sweating by buns off at the race I did yesterday, I shivered a bit early this morning while helping out at another race today. Amazing what a difference 24 hours makes!

I'll start out with a quick recap of yesterday's race. I've run this particular 5k at least seven times now. It's always a good one to jump in on since it takes place in the same area as my Saturday morning farmers market. I originally started doing it as I have some friends who work for the company that organizes it, and they donate the money raised to some awesome charities! Some fun personal history at this event: I first broke 25 minutes for the distance at the race in 2013 and in 2012 it was one of the first times I placed in my age group! (Photo below)

Though I have some fun milestones here, due to the summer weather and a hilly course I generally don't tend to PR at this one now. My goal is usually just to stay under the 25-minute mark and use it to get excited to start training for fall races. I hit that goal and snagged first in my age group! Third female overall. 😀

(Free photos on the race website)

I've definitely got some speed training to work on for my next race at the end of September, but I'm feeling pretty solid and strong at the moment! After the race we hit the market and carried on with the rest of the day.

This morning was another early wake up call to go help out at a race with my work crew. We were lucky enough to get invited to lead the warm-up at a new race taking place in the Atlanta Braves stadium!

(Free race photos again, rocks!)

We're quite a fun bunch. 😜

I hadn't planned on running again today, but we had some free race bibs. It was just a 3k fun run, so nothing too intense anyway. The stadium has been here 3 years, but this was my first time actually going inside. The whole race took place in the stadium, so we ran loops around the different levels. Fun to get to check it out finally. We got to finish down at field level.

Unless we do this again next year, this was probably my one shot to stand on a professional baseball field! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. Though I have to say I'm quite content typing this recap up while reclining in a chair on the back porch...

Back to the streets for week three of corporate 5k training tomorrow!

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Thanks @actifit crew!! :)

Yay, congratulations, you're awesome!

Thanks! After a bit of a rough spring racing season, it feels good to be healthy and getting back to running well for the fall! :)

Congrats!!!! On fall you will be the first!!

Haha, thanks Eddie! I'm going to keep doing my best. :)

Congratulations! There is something to be proud of!)

I appreciate it! Always fun to work on goals and get to share them with you all!

Yay congratulations Katie, you did so well and deserve some rest now so enjoy sitting on that porch!

Thanks @lizelle! Got some nice relaxation time before I jump back on to get another round of the Monday fun going shortly. ;)

A pretty kick ass week @plantstoplanks! Congratulations on all fronts there, you certainly went for it and putting my lazy self to shame here!

Haha, well no excuses for Monday then! I seem to recall you having your own 5k goals to work on...😉

If I can keep tendinitis and shin splint pain free I'll be happy! Finding that tough going atm so going for a long walk instead tomorrow to give the legs more to do 😁

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Oooh, yes, definitely listen to those legs and keep them happily moving. I often find long walks just as vigorous since I don't do that near enough! 😜

CONGRATULATIONS Katie, you rock 💪💪💪

Thanks Lena! It was a fun weekend filled with activity! :)

Always a pleasure Katie 😊

Congratulations yet again!!! Have I told you lately how you are an inspiration to so many???

Thanks for firing me up and yes!!!! It has been hot as hades here! So, I can only imagine your Yankee self was roasting like a wienie running last week!

You make winning look so easy!!! It's not!!!!

!tip worthy exercising!

You want some more inspiration? The top female finisher was 12! A strong young lady. She was right next to me for a while then kicked it in about half a mile out from the finish. Always inspires me to see the next generation pushing hard to hit their own goals!

Whew, you ain't lyin'. I'm so ready for the weather to cool off! Today was pure heaven! I think tomorrow is supposed to stay a bit cooler, as well, so as long as no rain my first training run of the week should be easy breezy. ;)

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@dswigle wrote lately about: The Need For A Beautiful Sunday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

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Love that tee-shirt! Congrats on all your successes!

Thank you! Always motivates me even more when I have this shirt on to make sure I show that plant power. ;)

First in your age group and third Overall for women is real impressie considering you weren't going for a PR, and how cool it must have been to be in the stadium like that, that second group shot is so much fun

Have a good week ahead

I'm pretty happy with my effort, so definitely a good weekend! It was quite fun to do the stadium event. It's not often you can not only be in some of the spots that we got to run through, but also be there when it isn't full to the brim with spectators! Hopefully we'll get to be a part of it again if they do it next year!

That is so cool for sure and lets hope they do it again next year :)

...and remember, you are only one run away from a good mood!.
@marenontherun quote


That's a lot of activity. Congrats.

Thanks! Haha, and it continues today.... ;)

Woop woop! powered by plants, wow seriously you smashed it this weekend :) Well done!

Always feels good, and now I have great fuel to go into the new week! Thanks so much for popping by! :)

Hey well done you are a natural.

Great work and nice point count.
Monthly schedule looks good though.

Definitely getting lots of steps in this month! :)

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Wow... Big thumbs up to you and running in the heat. Happy to hear it is cooling down a bit.

Thanks Amy! I still don't like it, but hoping that means it will feel that much better when the cooler weather sticks around for good. ;)

You rock BeautyFull! 💕💕


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Thanks my friend! Getting more and more time outside again, which is literally a breath of fresh air!

Fantastic pictures, @plantstoplanks! And what an amazing, inspiring exercise ethic! This is is really cool.

We were so lucky to get some of the great shots from the race on Sunday! That particular photographer has been doing free photos at races a lot lately, so it is wonderful to have some great memories with my fun work crew. It's not often we get such nice photos with all of us together! You always get nice shots out on the trails, so I'm just trying to keep up. ;)

Ahh! That’s so sweet. Thanks! That photographer really does a great job. Amazing that he’s (she’s?) willing to do that for free.

Congratulations, you are doing in a such amazing way!!

Thank you so much! Doing my best to spread some positive energy all the way around!

Blessed you!

wow plantstoplanks, how many races are you doing every week?'s amazing. I love that shirt that says "Powered by plants!" What kind of shoes do you wear the most? That stadium run looks like a blast with a great crew!

Haha, normally not two in one week! I'm usually on a once a month or every other month routine. ;) Just enough to keep me motivated to keep pushing.

I love my Merrell minimal shoes. They're what I run in, and being a trainer I'm lucky enough to get to wear sneakers to work every day! :)

Howdy today plantstoplanks! Well I can see once a month but I understand that in the summer there are more available and apparently you can handle them so good for you!

I don't even know if I've heard of Merrell, are they an American company?

I think you might just like their story... 😉

Howdy plantstoplanks! thank you, I just sent that link to my email so I won't forget to check it out!

It's wonderful that you are able to spend so much time outside, even when it's SO super hot. You truly must be the one to take out the title of Powerhouse at the PHC. You are inspiring me to run ~ I walk A LOT but rarely run. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Aww, what a lovely compliment! I think we are all powerhouses in our own way! I take as much inspiration from you all in so many ways, so I'm happy to return the favor with a little motivation on the exercise end of things. :)

After that week you had I think you earned some quality back-porch chair time! Those are some great milestones you listed. I'm sure this week is just as busy for you! The term 'running around' must mean just so much more. :)

It hasn't stopped until about today! Whew, looking forward to a long weekend here to catch up on some more porch time. ;)

I bet you are! Hopefully it wont' be 90+ degree porch time. :)

That sure was a fun read. Then I came down to the comment and Dang! Seems I’m not the only one who thought so, that’s a lot of comments.

That would be frikkin cool to be on the field, those are the memories that never go away, congratulations being a gangster, I wish everyone’s actifit posts were more like this and the chick in that picture is ripped!

Haha, I guess that's the benefit of not having as many posts out at the moment--all my pals congregate on the same one to say hi. ;)

It was a memorable morning for sure. I don't even really care about baseball, but still fun to be on any big field like that!

The ladies of E in E pack some heat. 💪💪💪