Another Corporate Race Complete! {Scorching Atlanta Run}

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Another year of the local KP5K in the books! After five weeks of training in the ridiculous Georgia heat, I have to say hitting the finish line was a bit of a relief. Of course race night proved to be more of the same, so most of the finishers were just happy to get in the experience. Conditions were definitely not ideal for any PR attempts!

Regardless of the scorching weather, our main corporate team had a really great turnout. Only a handful of people joined in on the official training groups I helped run, but the good thing is this particular race is really friendly for all levels of runners and walkers. I always meet someone new at these events, which is part of the fun.

Since we also provide race day support, our crew got to the convention center early to set up the booth. Lugging all the items in, setting up, getting the food laid out and then assisting the employees get bibs and shirts makes for some serious work. There's always some bumps in the road between people not reading instructions or the food not being delivered on time, but my gal Julie always runs things like a boss and gets things worked out. She missed running last year since someone needed to stay at the booth, but this year she and I got to run most of the race together.

She snapped some nice shots at the start line. I'm not sure how many people participated this year, but enough to be packed in like sardines at the start. 😜

Not far into the course some fire trucks had the American flag hanging up between them. Considering the race was held on September 11th, I think we all were moved by the sight of it.

I hope there weren't too many traffic jams there of people taking photos!

The course has some solid hills throughout. That's pretty much a given when running through Atlanta! You might recognize the back of my head in these photos, haha. I'm in the bright shirt with the Excellence in Exercise logo. 😉

After crossing the finish line, everyone got a medal. I do think it was a bit of overkill for a 5k, but I guess a lot of people really like it. This one is bigger than most of the half marathon medals I've earned!

Speaking of medals, I think it's time @dksart made me another rack! I haven't even hung up my more recent ones.

All in all it was a great night, but I am quite exhausted still today! Usually takes me a few days to recover from being on my feet so long and staying up so late cleaning everything up at the end. The company is always happy with the job we do, so I imagine I'll be back for another round next year!

Now if only the weather would cool off so I can run fast once again for the next race...🏃‍♀️

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Well done, dear @plantstoplanks, congrats for this great result, and take this good !BEER

Thanks @mad-runner! Hope all is well with you!

Ohi ohi, dear @plantstoplanks, is better di not open some doors of my life, isn't so good, believe me, have a very nice day, and enjoy this good !BEER

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Hey @plantstoplanks, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Congrats for your race.

Thanks! The fun of this one is really helping others hit their goals. 😊

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That is rather nice they include so many groups. I’ve never been much of a runner. Speed walking though I use to do a lot of that.

Glad you had fun. Have a quick recovery and gratz!

They do a really good job of making it approachable for everyone. There's lots of team comaraderie, too, so I think a lot of people just have fun doing it with coworkers and enjoying all the festivities before and after. Thanks for the well wishes. I think I'll be ready to get back to training for my own goals this weekend!

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What a massive race! Espectacular

It's great to see lots of companies joining and encouraging their employees to get moving!

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Thanks @jaynie! 💚💚💚

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Actifit Report of the Year ! :-)

Haha, well it's been a few weeks since I did an Actifit post, so I might as well make it a good one! I'm glad my friend got some good photos that she shared to really capture the feel of the race. 😊

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Congratulations! What an impressive collection you have! That 🏅 looks very good but I know the other side of the medal very well, the one that is not shining but it's full of sweat and fatigue 😉
You're amazing, a role model! 😍

Haha, there's probably a little sweat left behind on each of those medals. A little bit of history with each, as well. I do appreciate being able to blog and capture some of those memories to share with you all! 😄

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Doing both the setup and then the run in that heat no wonder your feeling it today

That’s great they had the flag from the fire trucks considering the date

Have a great weekend

Thanks Jay! It was quite exhausting, but a good night's sleep last night definitely helped put me back to rights this morning! A good weekend to you, as well!

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Thats good that your feeling better Have a good one :)

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Oh my goodness, it is far too hot for me right now, even biking is hot, lol Well done @plantstoplanks. Looks like you had a successful turnout, really special on 9/11. It's interesting the way just seeing the flag brings tears to your eyes, a horrible tragedy we won't forget. I'm sure you were exhausted, what a day!

It really is so uncomfortable out right now! I trudged through the training the last month, but hopefully it really will translate into a very speedy and enjoyable fall season! On the way down there I passed one of the local fire stations and saw a lady walking up with a tray of what I assumed was some kind of homemade goods. Warmed my heart to see such kindness on the anniversary of that day!

Has to be really tough in the heat wow!

@plantstoplanks - there's my Wonderwoman! I miss seeing your #seven77 videos, lol. You are my hero, all your fitness and healthy eating. Great job. And @dksart needs to get your display rack up so you can show off all those medals!

Aww, thanks my friend! I lost my momentum on posting on Twitter after that went away, but I need to try to get back into doing more videos soon since everyone seemed to enjoy them. Just gotta make it a habit again! :)

Congratulations! You make it so nice for everyone to be able to succeed! That takes a lot of skill and planning!

Well done as always! You are such an inspiration!


Definitely a lot of planning! Luckily most of my role is on the support side, but it is still a good bit of work. Now we have just a few months before we start up the holiday fitness challenge. How is it so close to the holidays already???

I know!!!! Where did all this time go!?? So glad you had support, but, on top of a regular day, that can be overwhelming some days!

You did well and I say that you earned enough points for a beach day!!!!

I am trying to rally my girlfriends for a last ditch effort at a beach trip! One gal and I said we may just have to go by ourselves if we can't get the other two on board, haha!


Now that is the spirit! :) Hehe! I bet you would still have a great time!

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Congrats! Looks like you had a lot of fun. And wow, you have a lot of medals! Kudos to you for running in the heat.

Thanks! Haha, yes, I've got quite the collection. One of my friends had joined in this group where you run in honor of a disabled child (your "buddy") and send them your medal after the race (if they're not local), so I might need to look into that soon as a fun way to participate in a good cause and whittle down on the amount of new ones I bring home. ;)

Cool idea! We must all find ways to do good in the world! Sometimes it's the smallest things that make a difference.

Well done👌😎😍

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Thank you kindly! 🙏

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Hey @plantstoplanks, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I think one of these days you will have to get a wheelbarrow for all of your medals my friend.
Well done on yet another fine achievement.

Haha, I just might! Especially many more like this one! It's quite hefty.

One of these days when the husband is retired he can start a metal sales business hahaha

Congratulations!! Your medals are getting more and more this year.

Thanks! Have another race in a few weeks, so hopefully that medal I will earn for a good time in my age group. Training hard to get there! ;)

Good luck to you than my friend!

It's so great being in a circle of like-minded people!

I feel a trophy room coming on! The likes of Real Madrid and the New England Patriots have never seen. 😛

Well done! 😁

Haha, as long as I stay healthy I plan on running for a very long time, so at some point all the walls may just be covered! 😂

Could be expensive! Lol