Running through the pine forest - "Sosnivka Trail"

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At the beginning of March, while participating in the "Kagamlyk Trail", my acquaintance with the Kremenchuk trail series called the "Kremen Trail League" began. We didn't have to miss the series for a long time because at the end of March the town of Kremenchuk was again waiting for those who wanted to run off-road in the next stage of the "Kremen Trail League" series. This time the participants were treated to a pine forest and the "Sosnivka Trail"(, which is the second stage of the "Kremen Trail League" series.



Participants could register for the “Sosnivka Trail” trail race on the official website Where participants could choose one of the two distances, namely 10 or 5 kilometers, the price of the entry fee was 300 UAH. In addition to individual participation in the trail, there was an opportunity for a team race of 2 x 5 kilometers.


The main distance of the "Sosnivka Trail", namely 10 kilometers, consisted of two laps of 5 kilometers each and passed mainly through the territory of a pine forest in one of the districts of Kremenchuk called Mala Kokhnivka. In addition, there were also several paved areas in the distance.


My next Saturday night was spent on the train from Kyiv to Kremenchuk, where the next day I had an interesting adventure in the pine forest and participation in the second stage of the trail series "Kremen Trail League", which was called "Sosnivka Trail".


Sunday morning began with an interesting walk around Kremenchuk while walking in the direction of one of the districts of the city called Mala Kokhnivka, where the starting town "Sosnivka Trail" was deployed and the start packages were handed out to the participants of the trail.


The participants of the “Sosnivka Trail” trail started at 12 o'clock after a small briefing and warm-up from the organizers of the running event. Participants who ran a distance of 5 and 10 kilometers started at the same time, the only difference was that the participants had to overcome two 5-kilometer laps for 10 kilometers.


As for the route "Sosnivka Trail", it turned out to be quite interesting, as it consisted of sections running through the terrain and had several high-speed asphalt sections. Therefore, the trail route looked something like this, namely the first mile of the trail passed along the paths of a pine forest. After the first mile, a mixed section awaited the participants, namely the second mile of the trail consisted of about half, both from the high-speed asphalt section and from running on ordinary terrain. As for the last section of the trail, namely the third mile, it was also mixed, as about 60 percent consisted of the asphalt section, and the last 40 percent passed over average terrain.


After the race started, my acquaintance with the next interesting trail "Sosnivka Trail" began, of course, as always, the main distance of the trail was waiting for me, and in this case, it was 10 kilometers. While overcoming the first half of the distance, namely the first lap of 3 miles, I got acquainted with the route prepared for the participants by the organizers. If while running on average terrain tried to be especially unhurried, on asphalted sites on the contrary accelerated the pace.


As for the first 3 miles I managed to cover in 26 minutes, after drinking a little water at the hydration point, I went to conquer the second part of the trail, namely the next 3 miles, which separated me from the finish.


The trail "Sosnivka Trail" obeyed me in 56 minutes, although the second part of the trail was slower, the first by 4 minutes, the result was still satisfactory.


The trail race "Sosnivka Trail", like its predecessor "Kagamlyk Trail" received a pretty good organization of the running event and left behind a lot of positive emotions from running and an interesting trail route. In addition, it was gratifying that the organizers involve young people in their starts as volunteers.


Thank you for reading, I hope you found it interesting.
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it must be very comfortable to be in this place..


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