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RE: I like playing with balls

in #sport11 months ago

I actually don't care if they batter me - there is something hot (and angering) about being beaten by a girl, or is that just me? Anyway, we'll see if I still feel that way tomorrow evening, I'm looking forward to the laughs (mostly at my expense) and a run around.

Always gotta end with some sexy-ness hope she showed her balled and kicked your ass😉 I am also requesting to take me off the EL it’s time to let the others have my spot. Ofcourse I will be there on Sunday and ofcourse I will sponsor my happy number 50

Thanks and yes my weekend will have a Bootcamp in in Tomorrow morning gotta show balls too


Well actually, she wasn't as good as I expected and I won :D

I took you off the list this week, thank you for all your support for the EL!


Always 😉

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