Are Kids Less Interested In Team Sports Today?

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The Aspen Institute, along with Utah State University, previously conducted a survey that involved participants who were parents of youth athletes, in order to investigate why fewer kids today are engaged in team sports on a regular basis.

Based on earlier research from 2018, it's estimated that for kids between ages 6 to 12, that only 38 percent of them are engaged in team sports regularly.

This rate of engagement is down more than 40 percent compared to a decade earlier.

There are many reasons why families and children might have become less interested in participating in organized team sports, and some of the most popular reasons are those such as finances, inconvenience, and a general disinterest.

Children today don't spend as much time playing outside as their parents once did, one previous survey suggested that kids today are spending just half as much time spent playing outside compared to the previous generation.

Increasingly, technology such as computers and video games are replacing sports for children and teens.

And we see this with the rise of video gaming, and the ongoing discussion over whether or not it should be officially recognized and accepted as a sport.

While engagement in traditional organized sports is down, live video gaming is being considered the fastest rising sport at the moment.

There are many known benefits that come along with being active and engaged in team sports etc.

From promoting better bone health and less risk of emotional difficulties, it's considered a fun and social way to inspire an active lifestyle.

While financial barriers might prevent many families from engaging in different organized sports teams, there are still many ways to engage in sports of all kinds for free or very little cost at all. Unfortunately though, many might just not be interested in spending that time outside, when there is so much other entertainment that's waiting for them inside.


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I think it is the same for being outdoors as well. I see it at our local beaches. Not at all as busy as it used to be. People are moving into the virtual world and leaving the outdoors behind it seems.

@doitvoluntarily with the arrival of technology, the so-called games before, were losing interest, the boys want to be more connected and playing online with their friends.
This is of concern, it is a way to encourage childhood obesity
I wish you a great day dear friend

If you mean physical sports, then the answer to the question in the title is maybe yes, but there is another thing, called eSports, and in most of the eSport games (for example in Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) the teamwork is crucial. The reputation of the eSport however is mixed. According to some people, eSport is not a sport, but many people say that it is. So it is debated whether the eSport is a sport or not, but if eSport is sport, then kids may be even more interested in team based sports.
Nowadays the eSport is one of the most popular sports in the world.
Nowadays video games are more popular than ever, and the eSport may become more watched than the professional football matches. Millions are watching eSport matches, and the eSport is also a very huge business.
It may soon overtake/pass the NHL in terms of income ($4 billion USD).

What do you expect? Most schools have cut P.E. and many schools are cutting down on recess.