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RE: Old Fool At the Family Reunion: Sports Contest - 50,000 SPORTS + Votes for decent entries!

in #sportstalklast year

Oh no!

I used to have one of those but outgrew it quite young - very brave of you to give it a try a number of years later!

What was the prize going to be I wonder? It must have been worth peddling for!

Thank you very much for your entry into the #sts-contest, I am going to announce the winner shortly.


Hi @abh12345. It was fun to participate in this contest. To laugh at yourself is the best medicine and cure. The prize was a $50 gift card to the person who continued on. If you won the 1st race, then you had to win the 2nd one to keep competing.

Yes it is :)

That a nice prize, worth racing for! Thanks for taking part :)