Seven77 Push Up Challenge Day 41

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Day 41 of 77 #Seven77 Challenge Season 1

"There's an accounting coming, Mr. Stussy. Mongol hordes, and what are you doing to insulate yourself and your family? You think you're rich? You've no idea what rich means. Rich is a fleet of private planes filled with decoys to mask your scent. It's a bunker in Wyoming and another in Gstaad. So that's action item one: the accumulation of wealth. And I mean wealth, not money."

"What's action item number two?"

"To use that wealth to become invisible."

V.M Varga


@ jonsnow1983 Hello dear friend, I loved the introduction about wealth.
What beautiful places you choose to do your physical activity, congratulations
I wish you a great day

Thanks for stopping by bro!

Hi @jonsnow great to chat to you again.
You can become invisible with no wealth my friend.

Wealth draws freeloaders like flies that's why the need for planes filled with decoys and bunkers.
If you are poor nobody wants to know you.


You are a wise man brother. Thanks for stopping by.

Money starts becoming important when you don’t have it but wealth is being rich anyway. 😊 💰