Some of the Weirdest Sports in the World (Finale)

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Last time I received 2 feedbacks about part 2. Two people commented, both for extreme ironing. I agree, extreme ironing seemed really the weirdest of the three presented last time. Imagine you're having a camping trip with your family beside a lake. Everything is tranquil, the grass are green and the chirping of the birds creates a very peaceful vibe... and you see one neighboring camper. He look good: healthy body, well toned muscles and smiles with teeth as white as Simon Cowell's, until he took out an iron and a board and started pressing a shirt. That's definitely not what you expect to see on a camping trip, isn't it?

But wait, there is still one more hilarious 'sport' that needs to be added on this list. Although I don't guarantee that it would be as weird as the previous ones (as our preferences can rather be subjective). I'm confident that at least normal people wouldn't dare to do it by themselves. This is the last entry for our 'weirdest sports in the world' series. Many other unique series are coming your way.

Giant Pumpkin Regatta

In the Philippines, we usually celebrate Halloween by visiting the cemetery, lighting candles near the graves and praying for the deceased. We also cook bountiful on the day, especially for lunch and dinner to commemorate our deceased relatives and show respect. A few years ago, trick or treat was still something new if you live in the province. Most kids and kid at hearts who usually trick-or-treat during Halloween can be found in highly urbanized areas like in the cities. I think it's because of the West's influence and Filipinos love to go with the trend even if sometimes they aren't really aware of the history or origins of such culture. If you're living in a city then you're most likely updated. Today, the spread of such trend is very evident a s I'm seeing kids here in the province carrying pumpkin baskets even in ordinary subdivisions during Halloween.

Well, that's quite an introduction. Fifteen years ago, when I was a kid I was awed on seeing the first pumpkin basket. I never would have thought that I will still be surprised on some of the other western customs during Halloween even at this age. Seeing kids carrying pumpkin baskets had been weird to me but knowing adults are riding on pumpkins in some parts of the world is about ten thousand times weirder!

Giant Pumpkin Regatta
Paddler: As long as you guys are happy

A boat race(regatta) using a humongous pumpkin is one of the weirdest sporting activities I have learnt about. There are several pumpkin regatta's in the world but one of the more popular is the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta that is yearly held on Tualatin Lake, Oregon. The giant pumpkins are provided by the Pacific Coast Vegetable Growers.

There are four 100 yard-and-back races in the event, the first is reserved for the Pacific Coast Vegetable Growers – the club of giant vegetable enthusiasts who produce the enormous round squash variants. All the other races use the same pumpkins – one heat is reserved for sponsors and special guests like the mayor of Tualatin Lou Ogden, who comes every year to race a pumpkin.source

The giant pumpkins can weigh as much 1800 lbs (816 kg)! There are 20 participants and all are required to put costumes during the race. If you're not a native and you want to join they also have a raffle in September in which a lucky participant will be selected. If you want to get a chance to ride in a giant hollow pumpkin this might be your chance!

Pumpkin Regatta is not held only on Tualatin, there's also other's around the world like the Windsor Pumpkin Regatta in the U.K.

This is the last entry for the 'weirdest sports in the world series'. Thank you for reading everyone have a good day!

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