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Excellent review @rokyupjung and you are doing a very necessary thing when you mark good posts, it is very important for the whole platform, well done!

Thanks for the encouragement!

It's lovely to be recognized.. Thanks for granting this people an opportunity to do so

Thank you for coming by and commenting on it.:D

My pleasure

@rockyupjung you're right @marfonso is a portuguese friend and posts beautiful photos of Portugal places. I'm portuguese as well but I live in Brazil and I curate sportstalk posts too. Keep going your great work.

Yes! I knew you are living in Brazil from your introduction to your blog!
When I have time, I am trying to find more content creators on Sports Talk Social.
It is time-consuming! But, hopefully, my curation would help the community grow stronger and healthier!

I hope you are good and fine now in the mean time you found some great posts related to sports and thanks a lot for sharing them enjoying reading some news stuff always

Thanks for saying that. It is so generous of you.
The time is the problem. However, I will take some time to better curate~!

Congratulations! This post has been manually curated by @sportscurator and will be showcased in the Sports Curator Daily curation feature post. "The Sports Curation project is an initiative to curate for the Sports related contents in the SportsTalk Social platform."

Your whitelist is something that curators like me will really value. The suggested whitelisted Sportians in this post are all very good. Thanks for your service and effort for the Sports community.

Thanks for upvoting and commenting.
Your compliment is somewhat making my loyal to Sports Talk Social.
I hope this community could grow stronger and healthier by a small effort like mine.

Excellent initiative friend! It is very important that there are people who perform daily cures to keep the platform active. Many of us try to make good content and strive to present a daily posting.

If you could suggest any of the good creators in Sports Talk Social, please suggest.
Since I don't have a lot of time, I can go through all the postings on the NEW TAB.:<

Thank you so much for featuring these posts. We can read some great posts quickly. Keep up the good work, @rokyupjung!

Thanks for commenting!
it is very encouraging!

Great picks, thanks for taking the time to select these and bring them up to my attention for curation.

Thanks for commenting! I appreciate that.

Thank you for support! Can you check post @browery? I recomended my friend.

That would be great! I will definitely check out your friend!

Such an amazing initiative @rokyupjung. I'm now on my way to support quality content contributors on this platform.

I wish we have many @rokyupjung who continues to make this platform a place for sports creation.

Great curating the good works of others