Proposal Results For: ~~Proposal to Launch @sportswitness for Hive Engine Witness~~: Passed

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Result: Passed
Title: Proposal to Launch @sportswitness for Hive Engine Witness
By: @patrickulrich

Users For: 100.0% (52.56816465938327 GP Total):
@ervin-lemark with 0.0943123822441238 GP
@patrickulrich with 1.7582961848879604 GP
@deniskj with 0.03907462123310468 GP
@coffeelovers with 0.18848199130055043 GP
@edkarnie with 4.73170127517015 GP
@zahidsun with 0.6920958536499172 GP
@chekohler with 0.1281918132371994 GP
@xak with 0.57682831769847 GP
@darewealth with 0.44681999309182574 GP
@anderssinho with 0.10234488619129166 GP
@grandiosae with 0.23831895352602867 GP
@ptaku with 0.5633241600610709 GP
@dalzphoto with 3.2506939446858105 GP
@actifit-peter with 0.22596323847322697 GP
@marvinix with 0.020548802822201638 GP
@dfacademy with 0.004688774571942145 GP
@earnlogy with 0.09139146857190025 GP
@erikahfit with 2.3097990166040163 GP
@hersi007 with 0.029313441322031005 GP
@fitcoin with 1.2608497643307097 GP
@saachi with 0.04573720360897484 GP with 0.16413685665065816 GP
@tomlee with 0.250436255205317 GP
@splines with 0.8571193789029995 GP
@rezoanulv.sports with 2.6025329162953517 GP
@apostlevincent with 0.2897149818608761 GP
@dfacademy-sports with 1.2621569985305356 GP
@claudio83.sports with 0.11209099994182717 GP with 0.8686261124339922 GP
@cryptoandsports with 3.9151049517427055 GP
@mk-sports-token with 4.0385469894000305 GP
@h77 with 0.2509256073024558 GP
@sports.alfa with 0.06978843033091953 GP
@uyobong.sports with 5.206260852215346 GP
@fun.sports with 0.42750369663411497 GP with 4.450194261081145 GP
@toni.sports with 2.3373432107687186 GP
@bozz.sports with 1.7896758673697226 GP
@cabinet24 with 0.009648127340935756 GP with 0.28549903265057675 GP
@arsenal4life with 0.18168285570185144 GP
@devann.sports with 0.36968748803943086 GP
@majorleague with 0.7411002932552552 GP
@opochtli with 0.17856931373419688 GP
@olaunlimited with 0.0012406260817498685 GP
@cryptosimplify with 0.021900155430261768 GP
@ctpsb with 1.3769277809605522 GP
@ph1102.sports with 0.5319803695353371 GP
@aiovo with 0.04007723705419433 GP
@mvl2304 with 0.015256544320042354 GP
@jfang003 with 0.0060410279030119465 GP
@espandor with 0.1512444457844382 GP
@yousaf-sports with 0.9960826261882645 GP
@alokkumar.sports with 0.4929079535094569 GP
@hykss.sports with 0.4851448583754727 GP
@scholaris.sports with 0.9922394695690229 GP

Users Against: 0.0% (0 GP Total):

Proposal to Launch @sportswitness for Hive Engine Witness is considered Passed

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Thanks to all who voted for this change!


Kudos to everyone who made this a success

Congrats to @sportswitness and @patrickulrich :)

Congratulations to us for a successful passing of the proposal. THis shows that the community is teaming up for development.

I've added posting and active permissions to @sportswitness for @tmholdings and notified ARCHON to now manage @sportswitness. All rewards held in @sportswitness are now under community control.

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Congratulations to us for a successful passing of the proposal. THis shows that the community is teaming up for development.

Thank you everyone who voted to make this proposal successful. I believe this is will help the community by allowing us to have a back-up of all our token holdings and it also makes Hive Engine more decentralized.