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Please leave a comment below requesting approval for a SPORTS grant.

Grant terms to be edited into post on a future date.

Not all applicants will receive a grant.


Hi Patrick,

I like SportsTalk.Social so much becasue I love sports extremely. To support this project, I purchased SPORTS from steem-engine at the 1st day when I know it, and broadcast that to my friends. I staked the 1st batch of 15.75 SPORTS token and curated cool content in the community immediately.

But I'm really frustrated that the value of my SPORTS token decrease hugely after the system is exploited by some users. I agree with your measures to resolve the current issues, which raise up my hope, passion and confidence about SportsTalk.Social again.

Do you think it's possible to compensate the 1st batch of buyers of SPORTS like us to recover our loss due to the system issue? You can check my transaction records to understand the truth and facts.


From the screenshot of some of the transactions

SPORTS hold no monetary value and should not be considered any kind of investment. SPORTS are merely a tool to categorize and reward sharing of content through #sportstalk.

Any crypto is venture investment.

I would also like to apply for a grant. I am a die hard sports fan and a player as well. I would like to have few more tokens in my wallet for curation purpose mostly but I am not in a position to purchase tokens right now.
A grant will be really helpful.
Thank you!

I will Do Curation and will try to rise Quality Content. The most reason for me to do this is that i like cricket and other sports stuff! I'm also a Analyst specially of cricket matches. Would love to Contribute to SportsTalkSocial Community and see it grow.

I am also a Developer, i can work on Developments Projects too! I bought and Staked on my first Visit to SportsTalkSocial!! Well developing is my work but I'm hell yeah interested in sports. BTW abuse is what we need to stop in this community first! I'm down to Flag the abusers, can make a bot for it or do manually!

I am not really sure what you mean with a grant? But I am in for this network, if that counts as a request?
I am up for the task and for the grant. will be on my favourites list!

I do think that @sportspartner does mean this:
grant: a sum of money given by an organization, especially a government, for a particular purpose.

Hope this helps!

I have read his post now, and I get it, it is a new airdrop coming up... tnx anyway!

I also would like to propose @shaungerow for the grant, as he is THE NHl guy here, and he has an amazing collection of NHL-cards! ;-)

can i have a Sports grant for curation purposes?. i have also just purchased some and have used my down vote for the day on the trending page

I think this is really cool what you are doing here, I have been grabbing some tokens on the market. I was wondering if you will have a delegation option in the future so I can help others.

I would like to apply for the Grant. I had been promoting SportsTalk.Social since I first heard about the project, and have written several posts. I think I will be able to contribute to the community, especially with a focus on some Australian sports such as aussie rules football and cricket.

I would love the grant to grow the sports community in my country Uganda 🇺🇬.

I started the Steemit community there and have already told a few folks who love sports about this.

I have also made a few posts about sports and currently covering the Africa Cup of Nations Cup.

I hope to be approved,I received the 10 sports that were given out on the first and second day!!

If you're helping content creators start out, I would love a small grant to get me going. I've already posted a few articles in the past 48 hours, and I think I can help with producing similar content.

Can i have a grant for promotion purposes if you need new authors and readers?

I'm Rezoanul Vibes. I like sports. I am passionate about fitness and martial arts. SportsTalkSocial is a great platform for all of us. This would be a fantastic place to keep in touch and engage with like-minded people. I'm glad to be here.

I already got 10 Sports from the airdrop but it always maybe more :). So feel free to drop my another grant!

I would like to propose the following accounts:

  • @simplylars: he wrote his introduction post a few days ago
  • @sbcbot: don't befooled by the name, but it is an account which does support whitelisted steemians who do write about sports.


Good to see you here bro

You received a vote of 30% from the curator @pataty69 and her trail. Also resteemed.

I discovered sportstalk today and decided to create a alt account to keep it sports related and keep track of my bodybuilding journey.

staked 1100 SPORTS between both accounts and thinking about accumulating long term!

Regards and thanks for the opportunity

Hello, I am here to join this project with a great future, I have been influencer of the platform #steemhunt where I dedicate myself to vote the undervalued fighters so that those products that are really good get their reward...


I have been writing on Steemit since 2017. Now I am very actively posting on SCT, AAA, PAL. Also believeing in the power of new scot projects coming out to be successful! If you grant some of the SPORTS, I will introduce Sports Talk Social to my over 1000 followers. I can bring them in here. Let me do the job. I am investing in more than 8000 SP, 10 EMFOUR, and over 7000 PAL in my second account @flicktaste to make STEEM blockchain successful. Let me bring some Korean people here.

I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Well, I took my time to read all about the project and finally arrived here. A large percentage of my posts on steem are sports related. One click on my blog will confirm that. I've grown to love writing about sports, and that's why I was glad when I saw an initiative like this. I'm not just active on my blog. I'm glued to other sports' post, too, and I'll be glad if I get a grant to promote other posts and earn me a stand on sportstalksocial.

Hello, I want to continue supporting this great project, healing, moderating and making a post about the sport. I am a Venezuelan fanatic of the sport, who has helped economically with the steem block platform. But when I started this project I told myself this my platform, it is where I enjoy making productive contents related to sports.

I can not deny that in Venezuela we are going through a strong economic situation. With only a minimum salary you can buy only two basic products from the food basket. Because of that I learned about the steem platform, thanks to this I have helped myself economically, with my family.

For this reason, I am asking you for approval for a SPORTS grant, to continue doing those that I like sports content and to continue financially fast. I know that this is a platform to classify and reward the exchange of content through #sportstalk. But I can not deny my reality, nor deny what I love about this platform.

It should be noted that although I have not yet charged the tokens, I have seen the fall in their value, I am careful to make one of the ones published, and supports this project. Sustaining what I say is my post published, I would feel honored if you take time to read my publications and see the value of the content I publish.

By obtaining this scholarship, I will feel gratified, honored, and committed to this project, be among the Elite for the content. Thankful in advance.

Let's continue supporting this great Project, count on me for it.

Thanks for the upvote.

I just got my father and brother to join Steem just because if SportsTalk.Social. I would love a grant to help support their posts. It will be put to good use.

Hi I have been using sportstalk for the last few days and have bought some tokens on the market. I ask that you would consider a grant to me for tokens to help curate etc. Thanks

Hi, can I have a grant please ? I love sports and I have posted some articles on sportstalk. I want your grant for curation purpose. I am watching good posts with low rewards and also watching low quality contents with good rewards. Low quality contents in trending page is not something good. They should get downvote. And also good contents have rights to get upvoted. Thanks!

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I'd like to also apply for a grant

I'd stake most of it for curation purposes, spread my voting weight across many communities and activities without finishing my vp.

tho I gotta be honest a portion will be traded or cashed out...

Ps I was one if the day ones and plan on seeing where this journey takes us.

Hi @SportsPartners.

Yesterday I spent hours curating 'comments' on SportstTalkSocial's posts and today I will be doing the same. I think rewarding people who interact inside the post is one of the most important things for a successful platform (or blockchain).

If I could get a grant, I would use it toward curating all the comments that are worth an upvote (meaning that they put some thought into their comment). Of course that means opening up every single post that shows that there are comments present (like I did yesterday), but that is o.k. with me. By doing so, I can see exactly which one of the user's is "genuine" and which one of the user's is just trying to get an upvote.

 last year (edited)

I would agree with the SPORTS grant plan, and the SportsTalk.Social team should gather carefully their curators who really supports the growth of the community.

The passion from the community possibly will eventually lead the project to the right direction.

The community might be interested to review my proposed plan and solutions to see whether they're applicable to SportsTalk.Social and the coming new projects on steem-engine.

And I'm happy to see one issue that I found has already been fixed by steem-engine team.

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Saludos @sportspartners . Estoy disponible para escribir, comentar y votar temas relacionados a los deportes, principalmente de futbol (Copa America 2019) y beisbol, que son los principales acá en Venezuela. Si alcanzo a recibir una beca de ustedes, con más razón estaré honrado de colaborarles y servirles.

I find myself content knowing we as sport fans have a place to post.
I followed you as well.
If I am eligible for a grant, thanks.
Keep on postin

Hello @patrickulrich, I would like to request the SPORTS Grant. My aim is to curate sports related content that is genuine and beneficial for the growth of the community. I will keep on Staking Sports Token till the time I reach at least 20k SPORTS power. I am thinking to start writing a blog series on the latest Sports News in India. Let's hope for the best! Cheers to everyone who is contributing.

Hi sportspartners,
blogging about sports in general and soccer in special is what I am doing on steem for more than a year. To establish a community around sports like sportstalksocial is rally a good idea and I already enjoy having the sport related articels in one place. I will do my posting and currating here for the future and a grant will help me and others to build an interesting and vivit community around sports and soccer.

Schön, Dich hier zu sehen, vielleicht wird das ja mal was?

Good day, I've been with Steemit for little over 2 years now and during that time I've been trying to create meaningful post about almost anything from my cryptotrading experience to food, gaming, lifestyle etc. Now with this new platform specifically only for Sports, I'm planning to share my thoughts with others about my favorite sports and hoping that I will be able to share something meaningful also to this community. I've already purchased some Sports Token in Steem-Engine and is still planning to purchase more however if I will be granted with such amount of Sports Token, I can guarantee that this will be given back to the community by giving upvote to those who creates good content and pledge not to self-upvote. I'm not saying that self-upvoting is bad, it's just that in my opinion, it's just too selfish thinking about your personal gain first prior to others wherein it should have been the other way around and your personal gain will follow afterwards. It's kinda rainy here in the Philippines but wish you all a blessed day.

I would like to apply for a grant if possible. I'm finding some really fun content to comment on here and would like to get more involved

Hello champ, hope you're having an amazing week so far. I'm not really that good when it comes to selling myself so I guess I'll just speak my mind. I am, what in boxing terms is, a steemit journeyman. I've been using the site for two years or so and I consider myself one of the good ones for I always tried/try to play it fair. Back in the day I used to be very active on @spl a great steemit poker community. I have posted some poker posts and sports overall, sadly I stopped posting them for I felt i wasn't getting that much of attention but here we are, with a brand new sports site, isn't that great? I also blogged for sometime on Scorum there you can see some of my content. I'm also arduously the #Seven77 movement which can be sport related but above all what's most important for me is that even though it is not the best, all the content I vote as I publish is 100% original. Hope I can help in some way champ. Best regards!

Hey there!
I would here like to apply for the SPORTS grant. I am a sports lover and actually a cricketer. I write about sports and mainly and mostly about cricket. I would love to have SPORTS in order to be able to curate. I would like to add value to this special network that's focused on something very close to my heart. A SPORTS grant will be highly appreciated and helpful.
Thank you! :)

I really have been enjoying SportsTalk and if you are still doing the grants, I would love to participate, especially to focus on the niche of curating esports content which I think could get really big here!

I would like to apply for a grant. I am a die hard sports fan and a player as well. I would like to have few more tokens in my wallet for curation purpose mostly but I am not in a position to purchase tokens right now.
A grant will be really helpful.
Thank you!

May I request for a grant?
Sports may not love but I love😁
If I have more SPORTS then I can curate those who loves sports like me.😊

I know I'm a little late here but I wouldn't miss this opportunity to have SPORTS in my wallet. As I've been searching about this it looks to me a fine and a diverse project which only focuses, rewards sports blogs, posts, etc. I want to apply for the token grant as well. I want to be a part of this community and where I can contribute and help grow quality content and try to reward those that deserve attention. It's great to see such an awesome platform being a sports lover myself and I think this thing here will keep me here on steemit more often than not.

I've just got free after having a break from steemit and now I'm here forever and I think I'll be a great addition to this community and make quality content plus curate quality content.

Hello, hope this grant is still open. Can I join the grant please?

Hi, I will be talking about sports from now on in spanish. I'm supporting this platform since this moment :)

I recently listened about this platform and directly joined it. Being a huge sports fan i mostly recommend working on this platform.
I started looking posts on this platform from past 3 to 4 days and it feels really good to be part of it.
I think it is little bit late but i hope you grant SPORTS to me...

How could I miss that new frontend only - Happy to help in curation. On Scorum I was doing this - also by creating in-depth content which I did a break now. Hope this community will not be abused as soo many others.

I know it has been too late to request for tokens but i will try so that my request will be approved. I am a big sports fan and i love to post about sports. You can also check my feed to see my posts related to sports.
I saw it today and i try to request for approval of my tokens.
I hope my request will be approved.
Thank you.

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