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I am so excited that my little efforts put in to tell the steem family about the Nigerian Professional Football league and how much the league is growingis yielding great efforts. This precedes the onboarding of this great and leading African football league to Steem blockchain. Beyond my frequent tweets about #sportstalksocial, #steem to #npfl, #npfl20 and npfl teams, I am making efforts to ensure that the NPFL teams see Streem as a home and they pitch their tents here to be able to reward their teeming supporters and bloggers.

I got so excited after making this SPORTS staking challenge that I came to see @Patrickulrich's comment on my blog. t is rare to have him comment on #sportstalk blog and I felt so blessed. I thought it was just a support for the challenge, however, his position went deeper and boosted my morale towards bringing the NPFL to steem and @Sportstalksocial community.

@Patrickulrich, being the creator/leader of the @SPortstalksocial community notified me of his addition of "npfl" to the list of leagues and NPFL teams to the navigation panel of Sportstalksocial. I was so excited to receive this news which has already placed the oncoming NPFL teams and bloggers on an advantaged position to the notice of the world and the teeming content creators and curators on #sportstalk. Take sometime to visit the following links:

Below are screenshots of our discussion on the comments section of my post:

Beyond the listing of NPFL and teams on the navigation panel of Sportstalksocial, I was also told that there are awesome incentives awaiting clubs that would onboard Sportstalksocial and steem as a whole as well as their supporters and bloggers. Huge providions have been made with @sportspartners to cater for such. I see a great band of rewards unleashing for NPFL teams and their supporters as they onboard steem. See image shot below.

Sportstalksocial is a Steem tribe which is dedicated to rewards typical #sports content . Already the community is established on steemit beta

I am seeing a BIG picture with @Sportstalksocial, the reason I am making it one of my top priorities in blockchain projects in 2020. Each passing day gives me reasons to accumulate more SPORTS tokens and hopefully would reach 10 M staked/delegated SPORTS shortly.

I am so confident that the NPFL teams would be joining us here in Steem and @Sportstalksocial community soonest.

Let's keep pushing SPORTS, Let's keep pushing Steem and soonest we see Steem and SPORTS token shoot in the crypto market.

While I keep forging ahead to bringing the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) teams to steem and particularly #sportstalk, it is important that I help grow stakes that would help give them a welcoming massive Curation. This cannot be possible without a deliberate act of purchasing and staking tokens.

Earn 70 - 100% Upvote from @uyobong.sports by doing the following:

  • Purchase at least 2000 SPORTS and stake same,
  • Share a proof of work in the comments section.
  • Submit a quality #sportstalk link you created recently.

If you do not submit a post link, we will upvote your comment.

please consider following @uyobong.sports to be able to see our upcoming give aways.

You may also consider delegating SPORTS to @uyobong.sports to enjoy daily Curation.

Find time to Read this post, as I share excerpts below:

It's no more news that sports has a high content consumption rate compared to other categories of content that can be obtained from the internet. Any social media that can win this set of consumers and content Creators would always have a huge traffic.

I'm very Conscious of this fact, the very reason I decided to get involved in sports related Curation on Steem blockchain with the ever-growing #sportstalk tribe.

My target enrollees are sports bloggers in Nigeria who are earning more content consumers with the emerging growth and development surrounding the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL).

I believe in local content promotion and I think Nigerian sports bloggers have what it takes to earn international attention and so do the NPFL sports.

Welcome to 2020, Do have a blast!


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Hello, As responsible of a Volleyball SuperLeague 2 Male Club, we are very interesting about every initiative in sportstalk involve Clubs and their fans. I will stay tuned

Thank you, I'm also following you too. Let's build this community together.

Cool. I like hockey the best but can't seem to find many other fans here.

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