Talk about SPORTS and sportstalk social platform that people love and hate谈谈让人又爱又恨的SPORTS以及sportstalksocial平台

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On the STEM block chain, the SCOT platform with the most severe falls is the sportstalk social platform. Sporttstalk social is a SCOT social platform that focuses on sports content. Many people gather here because of the large amount of money it produces.

Of course, some people come to this platform because of sports. Others come to this platform not only for making money, but also for sports.

Sports talk society has gone through a lot along the way, because a BUG almost killed itself. SPORTS prices fell directly from the sky to the ground, and today's prices are even lower, falling directly to about 0.00036 STEEP.

Although sportstalk social is a sports platform, there is sportsmanship, but such a platform is either cut leek, or cut leek. According to the current price, the platform has been cut a lot of leek.

And every month, sportstalk social has to pay the platform fee, in order to be able to pay the platform fee, we can only continue to cut leek...

HF21 is coming tomorrow, and the article review revenue on steem will be 50% 50%. This will have some impact on many people. Although most of them are accustomed to 50% and 50% of the review revenue, after all, such a review proportion has appeared in SCOT.

And what happens next to sportstalk society? Will it be hit hard by HF21? It will be known in a few hours. For SPORTS prices, it is likely that over time the price will slowly return to zero.

Will this be the first platform to stop on SCOT? I hope not. I hope sportstalk society will survive.

This is today's chat, just personal guesses and personal opinions.






而每个月sportstalksocial都要交平台费用,为了能够交够平台费用,只能继续割韭菜了... ...

明天HF21就要来了,steem上的文章审查收益将改为50% 50%,这对很多人来说还是有一定影响的。虽然大部分已经习惯了50% 50%的审查收益,毕竟这样的审查比例早在SCOT上出现了。





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