Curation Nation is my Station! ( Political Ediition Op/Ed)

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I'm not very surprised by the first Three runners for Ref who are willing to be transparent. At the end of the month I'm assuming everyone would be willing or able to say who they were and what title or position. I'm not planning on running but I do have one of the top amounts INVESTED and won't deal with anyone saying that loyalty or votes depends on if I'm staked or friends with this or that. :)


The positive I see is this will be a changeover of some but most will probably be the same players which is up to the community to decide every 2 weeks if they are doing well or not. I'd encourage anyone who wants to run to throw their hat in the ring regardless of "status". You never know who might back you or not. This is purely Op/Ed and feel that honestly, the section in the group for abuse has probably done as good if not better job of wiping out abuse then the refs at times. Many good things were accomplished by the refs but at first it seemed many may have been flying by the seat of their pants with no real guidelines or rules. I'd propose a burn system on this as those using their time to Ref would naturally probably be making more anyhow. IF I was to run I'd run in December than anything I made would be given to Null.

Here are the first three Running posts I found and I commend them on being transparent with the upcoming Ref changes that includes elections. Moving forward, I'd find it odd if some also don't come forward who were on there running from the get go and also am hoping that a very easy SteemConnect link is installed. If I missed that announcement from leadership, apologies. :( Do you feel that come the December change there should be transparency from ALL refs? What do you think of the whole Ref system? What improvements do YOU think can be made? Do you think it's even needed or that the bounty system and abuse reporting in the Server is doing more than enough and the Sports could just be burned and the "prestige" of the title should be reward enough?

I'm very excited to get out the popcorn and see how the Gladiator Fights commence, lately grilling out and making Sammiches has not been quite as Orgasmically pleasing as I was hoping for :(
GET READY FOR ALL FUN TO BE DRAINED!!!!!!!!!! I'm joking, do your research and enjoy the ride every 2 weeks. psssst, Vermin Supreme gives you free ponies and beer pixabay and committee for crucifying all who misuse oxford commas

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Is it mandate that only refree can down vote the content???

As a user i came across many illegal articles and obvious upvoting abuse everyday. Should i be eligible for down vote such contents???

In case i can't can i bring such reports to the refree??

@saswat036, you can run for ref too, my understanding is anyone at any level can run
refs are not little overlords on here, hate to break it to everyone that refs work for the community not the other way around. Like @patrickulrich stated there is a discord where you can report what you see as abuse.

Anyone can run for ref regardless of being stake based . I'm not a fan of this system as I've stated but that's what the leadership decides so it is what it is. Also, if you feel things are being downvoted unfairly or too harshly I'd bring that up too in there.
Oh, and every 2 weeks this process gets to be repeated, can't wait to see the politics on this but seeing some get angry and some reward wars already starting, it basically gets people to buy more or stake more then buy more to buy and keep their slot. So it's good for business right? O.o

Very good information, thank you

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You can certainly still downvote @saswat036. Every user has 2.5 downvotes worth of voting mana each day to apply to any content they feel is not worthy of the rewards its currently set to receive. Referees are intended to combat abuse that comes where others may not find it by searching through the #sportstalk tag to identify abusive behaviors. They are not intended to be the final voice of the platform but rather a means to combat the thousand little cuts that comes to community tokens.

If you'd like to contribute reports of abuse please consider joining our Discord. From there just drop anything you find in the #replay-room for consideration from referees. If you'd prefer to stay anonymous in your reports you can also visit to report.

maybe some of the replies by refs that say things like we are taking all your stuff, not giving warnings and making absolutes needs to have a guidance system YOU install for users and investors to keep peace vs. it being like what looks on some replies to be speaking for everyone which would include you. I sincerely hope you can install or make some type of uniform format of reply rather then "we'll screw you " type of stuff that is making this a repeat of what went wrong on some of Steemit and Scorum.

"They are not intended to be the final voice of the platform but rather a means to combat the thousand little cuts that comes to community tokens."
Anyone who feels unjustly flagged or downvoted also should have an organized way to know how to counteract. I think what you are doing (which to be honest is not what some was 'promised' to me on some things) is up to you clearly. I really hope better checks and balances are installed but it seems that every thing is on everyone else so my hands are wiped of it and am sure this will cause enough buying or downvoting or upvoting for keeping spots or the pot stirred , to keep people to feel constant FOMO and pressure to do this or that. Thanks for reading my blog :)

not intended to be the final voice of the platform<<<<<


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