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RE: Doubled My Investments in SPORTS, but is it Time to Celebrate?

in #steemleolast year

I have no fear for STEEM. All of these other projects are adding value to it. If we could get a few simple things set up properly like on boarding and a homepage then it would be easier for the community to address the marketing issue and push it upwards. I now have a site here that my friends might like where as they never would go to STEEM. In the future STEEM will be a base currency rather than a token which you earn from posting. People will rarely see it and the small bit available from posting will be negligible. That should increase it's value as it allows access to the other sites, tribes, games ect. Keep the faith, the market might not reflect it but we have the best crypto out there.


I also have no doubt that the price of steem will be back on an uptrend. If there's any time to buy Steem, it's right now

Keep the faith! :D