Dance contest week 120

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Dear dance and music lovers

I'm happy to announce Dance contest week 120. This is the longest running contest on Steemit.

A big thank you goes to @mariluna for taking part in Dance contest week 119.

How to enter:

Write a post on
The title should be, Dance contest week 120.
Please use Dance contest week 120 followed by name of the song you are dancing to, as title of your YouTube video if you can.


  1. Share your dance video here as a comment. Feel free to write a description.

  2. You have to post your dance video by next Wednesday, 04/12/19.

  3. Of course, you can write a post along with your dance video and a description but please use, “Dance contest week 120” as a title and donatelloclubdigitalcard as a tag. Perhaps you will receive some upvotes.

Prizes for those participants who share their videos on or other platforms:

1st place will win 80 DC (Donatello Club tokens). You can exchange DC for STEEM on

2nd place will win 70 DC (Donatello Club tokens).

3rd place will win 70 DC (Donatello Club tokens).

No winners will be selected if there are less than 5 contestants but there will be a participation prize of 50 DC (Donatello Club tokens) instead.


Videos should be at least 60 seconds long.

@Mariluna receives 50 Donatello Club Tokens (DC),

@jorgemora17, Dance contest week 42

@lizbetcontreras Dance Contest Week - 28 "Tribal Shadow" Music by Pentaphobe - Just Dark Bits

Dance contest week 66

@rosbellycc, Dance contest week66

@todoenmusica, Dance contest week 42

@amazona06, Dance contest week 75 - bellydance impro

@kingtamarah, Donatello dance contest week 46 (gods plan) by drake

@amazona06, Dance contest week ?

Dance contest, week 25 - Donatello's crazy legs

You can watch some videos from previous dance contests by visiting,


@kingtamarah They both danced well
Slippery walk very sport

Thank you for stopping by!

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