Group dance classes in exchange for dance tokens - Central London

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Dear dance lovers

You know that I love dancing. I have also been promoting and organising dance events, workshops and classes in Central London since 2009.

I have been on Steemit since July 2016 but with the STEEM I have got, I cannot buy anything here in London because everything is so expensive.

I would like to find some dance teachers who would like exchange dance classes for some DT, dance tokens.

I like to exchange one group dance class for 18,000,000 DT. I can have free dance classes whenever I like because I know many dance teachers and I promote their dance classes. Dance classes, I'm interested in, are Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and Capoeira.
I like to promote the Dance token and that's why I like to do this. Other dance token holders will be able to use their DT in exchange of dance classes. The more the dance token is used, the more popular it will become.

Dance tokens will also be used to deliver prizes for the dance contest.

A group dance class in London could cost at least 7GBP and that is roughly 75 STEEM at the current price. I'm not talking about private dance classes which can be very expensive.

Are you a dance teacher in Central London? Would you like to exchange a group dance class for some DT?

Please feel free to leave a message and thank you for reading!


Very cool case usage and initiative! I'm featuring this post in my curation nation project for sportstalksocial

Thank you so much for your support!

my pleasure, I like something fun and novel on sports talk :)

REAL WORLD APPLICATION! Badass brosef, keep on Steemin :)

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Yes, it's only the beginning. Thank you for all the support!