I made it!!! Earn a little through Sell and Buy

in teammalaysia •  4 months ago 

Due to lower the risk of losing, I started to do bit experiment by myself of doing trading of 0.1 ETH in Link platform.

I can't believe this is first time I trading in my real life. What I mean is I doing Sell and buy to earn the ROI.

Previously what I do is only single trading which is A token to B token then to Fiat to fulfill my Fiat pocket for daily usage. Lol.

So this is officially what I got from today trading. Although I just earned a little of amount but I still earned.


I decided to place order to sell my ETH at price of RM 687 and that made me to get RM68.7 in Fiat money.

Next I place order at RM686 to get 0.1 ETH and I need to freeze RM68.6 for this and then snap, I seal the deal and now I officially earned RM0.10

Oh this is quite exciting since I started to know how to trade. So if you want to get ETH or BTC to trade, do join Link by click link below


Then you need to sign up and get verified. Verification time is depending on your country regulation.

Now I gonna trade more and earn more. Wish me luck.

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How is the exhange with ETH bro? Not bad juga?

Not bad bro. Exciting juga main sini. Price higher than other exchange

Nice! Gonna give ETH a try. With luno right?

Ya bro with luno. If u use my link and really afford to trade RM250, then u can get RM25 free.

I'm already registered early bro but thanks for the invite

No problem bro