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RE: START || RUN || STOP || Weekend vibes

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100f sounds nice right about now! You know Christmas is right around the corner.... you have been a good boy this year

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Ah yes...But not that good!

It's a nice bike dude, struggling to find the value in it to purchase as much as I'd like to. Today's ride sort of hammered it home. I'm undecided but well, sort of decided you know? I've gotta brake it to Faith that I went for a test ride later...Not looking forward to it...Might be getting my own dinner tonight. Thank goodness for dial-a-pizza.

You been well? Busy?

Yeah good, crazy busy with sick kids and dr. Appointments and holiday nonsense. Good luck with the wife. If she is anything like mine sometimes I change my mind really quick 🤣

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Haha, yeah Faith keeps me in check pretty well.

Hope the kids get better. 🙂