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Having lived 30 miles from NYC and traveling on some major highways to get to work, which was only one mile from GW bridge, the traffic was unreal. During every commute to work I would witness several bikes making the same commute, using the same traffic littered roads.
I was always jealous of their ability to avoid and traffic jams as they weaved in and out of the jam with ease. My other thought always turned to their safety. With all of the crazy drivers out there I'm surprised I never saw an accident.

Hot weather sure does lend itself to dressing appropriately for the conditions.😍
$27,000.00 is not chump change, and I just wonder what Faith's reaction will be.
She may want something in return if she condones your purchasing of this unbelievable machine.

Good luck with that @galenkp


She may want something in return if she condones your purchasing of this unbelievable machine.

She wants me alive and not paraplegic or brain damaged.

She fears me getting another bike and has forbid it. That doesn't men it's off the agenda...I negotiate for a living and so am good at it. 😁 We'll see...But as you point out, there are some serious safety concerns. The lack of attentiveness on the roads is the main one.

Getting on that bike was amazing...They are incredible machines...Just have to work out if I want to spend every second riding it wondering who is going to run me over...

It sounds like some serious negotations will be taking place at the @galenkp household. Get this one by the board and you will have to give me a couple of lessons in negotiating. I'v wanted to purchase a new one of these for several years now, but with very little luck.
I keep asking for one for Christmas, but she hasn't budged.

Hmm. I'm not sure how it's all going to play out, although I have a clue...NO seems likely. I'm not sure you'll want lessons from me...But that is a sweet looking tractor though!

No may seem likely, so it may be better not to ask. Therefore you can still imagine that buying the bike may be a possibility, and that in itself is exciting.

Sage advice from a wise man. I'm not being facetious here either. Thank you.