Battle of the Tokens: Sports Vs STEM

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Token VS Token


In the first edition of #tokenversustoken we are going to compare and contrast the tags/tribes/tokens/communities #stem and #sportstalk. These tokens were chosen because they are relatively straight forward, reasonably popular and are similar in that they attempt to foster discussion around a particular subject. is the number 1 source for all Steem based tokens and this post is all about the geeks and the jocks!


What is Sports Talk Social? was introduced 2 months ago by @patrickulrich. The main account is @sportstalksocial and it describes itself as:

SportsTalkSocial is a social media platform where everyone gets rewarded for creating and curating content.

Sounds eerily similar to Steem. I presume they want discussion focusing around sports, which is a very broad topic. Anything requiring physical exertion and skill is a sport, whether it's individual, team-based, professional, etc. If you wish to collect their token, all you have to do is tag #sportstalk and loosely connect it to sports. Anyone can talk about sports, fitness, sports teams, sports news, physical activity, use the tag and collect sports, it's that simple. They don't seem to care much about the quality of posts if you don't believe me just check out their trending page where a simple 100-word post about you taking a jog or your favorite team making a trade can net you 10's of thousands of Sport tokens (if you have whale friends.)

What is STEMGEEKS? was introduced to the Steem community about 1 month ago, the main account is @steemgeeks and it describes itself as:

STEMGeeks is a community focused on STEM topics rewarding engagement with STEM tokens. STEMGeeks is powered by the Steem blockchain with its own distribution model for STEM tokens in addition to the potential STEEM tokens.

Again, it's very similar to Steem, except it is a community that focuses on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. @themarkymark is on the STEM team and the community is very organized, in this post they describe what content is acceptable to post and they are very restrictive. You can't shoehorn in a few words and hope to get an upvote. This post probably won't qualify as they don't want you using their #stem tag unless the post directly relates to STEM topics. Naturally, STEM is not as light of a subject as sports and they seem to be a little less fun for the average poster (self-described geeks).

SPORTS VS STEM courtesy of Banjobot on Discord

Trending to Exchange Comparison

As you can see STEM is worth considerably more than SPORTS, about 50x-67x today. The STEM bid is 0.036 and the ask is 0.059 Steem. For Sports its 0.0007 and 0.00088 respectively. The main reason for this is that there are a lot more Sports and trending sports posts payout considerably more than STEM. The average of the top 10 payouts is 44500 Sports vs 123 STEM, meaning it's a whopping 360 times easier to acquire if you are a self voting whale or quality poster. Posting in Sports is more profitable than posting in STEM, the volume is also significantly greater ($117 vs $1 in the past 24 hours on Steem-Engine.) Please don't take this as advice to buy either token, I am not suggesting anything, just stating facts.

Supply100.104 Billion3.517 Million
Max Supply1 Trillion1 Billion (4B burned)
Dividends?10% to delegators20% to mining token holders
Token Burns (sinks)yesyes
Contests for Tokensyesyes
Staked Tokens69,212,858 staked by 14111,329,421 STEM staked by 900

General Observations

  • Sports has a less egalitarian distribution than STEM, there are some posters getting hundreds of thousands of tokens a week, while others are getting hundreds. They don't seem to be doing anything to correct this.
  • STEM is less popular than sports and more difficult to post in. They don't accept low effort posts and moderate/downvote poor content aggressively.
  • Both use the standard webpage design which is similar across most Steem sites. STEM seems to be better at controlling their Tokenomics probably because of their enhanced mathematical skills.

Disclosures & Conclusion

I own both tokens and don't suggest buying either one if profit is your motive. Investing in tokens is a bad idea and you should avoid them unless you want to contribute to the conversation and post regularly. These tokens are heavily manipulated, they are not regulated and a large holder can crash the price at a moments notice. In no way am I suggesting that you purchase either STEM or Sports and I am not connected to either of the teams.

IN CONCLUSION: I think STEM is the better token. it has all-round better Tokenomics mainly due to the supply and quality of the posts. Since Sportstalk makes very little effort to regulate their conversation and distribution I fail to see the need for it at all, the trending page has very little correlation with quality.



Good morning :) thanks for the review. As far as you know/can find out, do either of these tokens have a plan?

That's something I'd like to add in the next token vs token post, thanks. I didn't see much either way and read quite a few of the main account articles. Maybe @steemgeeks or @sportstalksocial can answer you about their plans.

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Steem is full of geeks so natually stem will do better. Also stem switched their tag from stemgeeks to stem which is too general to avoid policing.
Sports has difficulty even defining sports. Are esports sports? What about pub games? Motosports? Horse racing? Robowars? I know they have a problem with esports, it may get worse with all the geeks around.
The design of steem front end better suits stem. The retro look and lack of flashy elements is more suitable to stem.
Copyright issues are also easier to avoid in stem. For the most part, if you cheat and steal you get an F and discredited. In sports you get sued.
There is definitely a lot more money in sports, but the community is so broad and posts are so easy to make, I see stem being more suitable for steem.

Let's hope they both bring more people to steem. With hf21 coming people will quickly learn thst misusing tags and low quality posts will hurt. Imagine if there are tribal wars? That would be cool.

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I think sports will sort itself out as the distribution happens and the reward values drop. I disagree with what you say about trending as I am one that is in it fairly often. I can't speak for the others, but a post that I do normally takes a few hours to compile. Yes there are some big stakeholders now, but everyone had the same chance to stake instead of selling I suppose. I am hoping that sports will come right with regulating through voting what is decent and what isn't. I can't compare to stem as I have have no idea what goes on in that tribe, but have staked my Stem tokens.

We all hope it sorts itself out because there are a lot of people who don't want to participate in something that is unfair from the get go. I understand that some people are putting effort into their #sportstalk posts but if you read some of the trending posts, you will understand what I am talking about. If you produce high quality posts that looks good on you, bring some standards to the community before it's too late and have some standards regarding what you curate. Make sports talk social better.

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