Day 1102 | Another Active Family Tuesday

in #life3 months ago

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life...

It was another very enjoyable outdoor family tuesday packed with being active and eating healthy. For one of the first times, I managed to resist eativng bread or overeating all together and got myself into a challenge with my nieces to drop down to 65kg for us to learn a backflip on the trampoline once I reach that number. So plenty of motivation and a fun narrative to finally fully go for it now and I'm quite sure that I will manage to stick to easting plant based whole food getting in plenty of activity from here on out for the next couple of months which likely will be the timeframe to pull it off.

I also continue to do some bench presses each day and picked up 5kg of extra weight to add in the near future. I also intend to expand on the exercises I'm doing possible getting in more reps also doing more regular walks and maybe even morning runs.

Bench Press Progres

23 Apr23X0830.25 kg
24 Apr23x0930.25 kg
25 Apr43x1030.25 kg
26 Apr23x1130.25 kg
27 Apr23x1130.25 kg

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Apr00:0008:4009:407
02 Apr00:0008:5010:108
03 Apr00:0007:2008:507
04 Apr01:0008:3009:405
05 Apr00:0007:3008:306
06 Apr00:3008:0008:456
07 Apr00:0008:2009:106
08 Apr00:0008:3009:306
09 Apr00:0008:0010:408
10 Apr00:0007:4008:456
11 Apr01:2008:1009:006
12 Apr01:0008:3009:256
13 Apr00:0008:0009:008
14 Apr01:2009:0010:004
15 Apr00:0008:2009:306
16 Apr00:0009:4010:507
17 Apr00:0008:2009:256
18 Apr00:0008:4009:556
19 Apr00:0008:5010:107
20 Apr00:0007:2008:508
21 Apr00:0009:0010:306
22 Apr00:0008:3009:305
23 Apr00:0008:0009:105
24 Apr23:0008:3009:457
25 Apr01:2009:3010:305
26 Apr00:0007:0008:207
27 Apr23:0007:0008:159

01 Apr69.4 kg2.0 LYes0€
02 Apr69.2 kg2.5 LNo0€
03 Apr69.1 kg2.0 LNo5.4€
04 Apr69.5 kg2.5 LYes6€
05 Apr69.3 kg1.5 LNo5€
06 Apr69.5 kg1.0 LNo8€
07 Apr69.2 kg1.5 LYes7€
08 Apr69.7 kg2.0 LYes11€
09 Apr69.5 kg1.0 LNo18€
10 Apr70.0 kg1.5 LNo3€
11 Apr70.0 kg2.0 LNo7€
12 Apr69.5 kg1.5 LYes3€
13 Apr70.0 kg1.0 LNo3.5€
14 Apr70.2 kg1.5 LNo7€
15 Apr69.9 kg2.0 LYes0€
16 Apr69.6 kg2.0 LYes2.5€
17 Apr69.8 kg1.5 LNo6€
18 Apr70.0 kg1.5 LNo5€
19 Apr70.0 kg3.0 LYes0€
20 Apr69.9 kg1.5 LNo0€
21 Apr70.2 kg1.0 LNo8.5€
22 Apr70.2 kg1.5 LNo7€
23 Apr70.4 kg1.5 LNo10€
24 Apr70.0 kg3.5 LYes0€
25 Apr70.0 kg2.5 LNo6€
26 Apr70.0 kg2.5 LYes4€
27 Apr70.0 kg3.0 LYes0€