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RE: OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

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In my opinion there is no game on Hive that we could qualify as esport, I'm quite new so I might have overlooked some, feel free to correct.
Regarding Actifit, as much as I love doing it everyday, I don't think it should be on SPORTS. Or I would say there are way too many of them to be suitable for SPORTS. And it might scare away some people coming for sports news/discussions.
But you won't have enough downvote power mate :D

But the real problem is the lack of real content, we need authors to publish quality content on topics they like.
There are so many options for a new authors to take a niche where absolutely nobody is yet.
I'm far from being a good author and I'm definitely not the workout youtuber you are used to watch but I might consider to bring my daily actifit workout into a proper blog in here.

Anyway, we need to do something to make this tribe attractive, I'll be happy to be of any help :)