New Advertising Payout for

We just had our first payment to the new bitcoin address for @sports-gov on Hive-Engine!


On July 19th, a-ads paid out 0.00100022 BTC to @sports-gov's swap.btc address. With this and our previous payouts we now have 0.00495326 BTC available for SPORTS projects through our SPORTS proposal system. These funds are available now for anyone to make a proposal against.


I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who's already adopted using our site for viewing sports content on Hive. Each eyeball helps bring value back into the tribe to complete new projects in the future!


it is great boom boom sports

Great achievement. No 1 decentralized sports platform. Love sportstalksocial and wish a bright future.

new projects in the future!

Would be great to have a simple betting app so we could bet on sports events with SPORTS

That'd be BOSS

I'd love to see a fantasy platform some day soon on here. I'll be the first person to sign up and play FF, think it would be a lot of fun to get a 10 man group together of all Hivians playing for the Hive Cup. hahaha.

Congrats on the milestone man!

this is a great development. i'm glad that dear sports tribe is growing. we move higher. thanks for the update.


I just spotted half a million dollar BTC balance on the @Sports-gov account. That's incredible!

Wow! I was looking at the deposits for @sports-gov for another user and hadn't made sense of the deposits at first. I see these are actually from a-ads and even I'm blown away! This is a great improvement in revenue.

Indeed, its incredible. We fail most times because we fail to move, take a step. It doesn't matter how slow, we're getting closer to the future. I see this balance reach $5k soon and then a tangible development that utilizes SPORTS token could be funded. How about that?