Actifit Weekly Staff Picks #140📖💪🏃🏅 Actifit Gadget Prize #128 Results - Round #129 Kicks Off🚀🚀


Actifit Gadget Prize #128 Results - Round #129 Kicks Off🚀🚀

We are excited to announce the results of the "Actifit Gadget Prize Draw" #round 128, which took place on March 31 at midnight UTC.


Over 4 days, the prize pool was 3.834 HIVE, and the winner of the draw was @vesytz. Rewards have been sent over. Congratulations!!

As round #128 of this contest concludes, round #129 already kicked off, and you have less than 4 days to take part and WIN!.

As announced before, the rules of the contest are simple:

  • As you buy gadgets using HIVE, you earn free tickets (1 per gadget) to enter the draw.
  • The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win.
  • Keep in mind you need to have at least 1,000 AFIT to earn tickets to the draw.

Round #129 Started. Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

AFIT Market Buy Back

Also as announced in the contest rules, we committed to buying back AFIT on the market with 25% of the total amount used to buy gadgets. This amounted to 1.917 HIVE, which we used to place buy orders for AFIT on


Actifit Weekly Staff Picks #140📖💪🏃🏅

We are happy to once again present this week's top Actifit curated reports selected by the Actifit team. We have 7 staff picked reports this week.

These reports were selected based on various factors, including content quality, originality and the information within. They can be an inspiration or a motivation for all of us and of course, it helps to make more friends :)

This is an initiative to bring quality posts and their creators to limelight and give them the exposure they deserve.
Although we do our best to find the best reports, some may be missed, we are only human :)

Staff Pick 1 by @matthew1

Spring time in all its glory that brings out our best activity during the day.

Thanks for your report and for your photos!

Report Link

Staff Pick 2 by @ptaku

Spring summer rain makes everything looks better and cleaner, especially stadius!

Thank you for sharing!

Report Link

Staff Pick 3 by @spectrumecons

Activity, Actifit and information about shared posts.

Nice post, thank you for sharing!

Report Link

Staff Pick 4 by @dragokazo

Activity, and birthday! What a great combination.

Thanks for sharing your family celebration and .. happy birthday to both of you!

Report Link

Staff Pick 5 by @yogajill

So nice to welcome back our actifitter!

Wonderful report, keep it up!

Report Link

Staff Pick 6 by @browery

Make sure to check out this post to see how Cote d'Opale looks like in the spring

Thank you for your report!

Report Link

Staff Pick 7 by @jayna

Jayna is enjoying a fabulous walk on a Wednesday, and is posting about it using the actifit app!

Thanks for you report!

Report Link

Congratulations and thank you to all of you guys, keep up the great work!

If you would like to get your report picked for the weekly update then keep posting authentic content in your actifit report!

Some tips for writing a good Actifit report.

Writing a nice and beautiful Actifit report is not a daunting task. Talking about your daily activity in a presentable manner can get you to the top list.

Try to make your report readable and understandable.
The arrangement of the images also makes the content look attractive. Goes without saying, target using original high-quality images that you own. Using images from other sources is not advisable unless properly attributed and care is taken not to abuse any copyrights.

Plagiarism is a big NO-NO. In case we find plagiarized content, your account risks getting banned. Please take a look at our Actifit Etiquette for further details.
Till next week's staff picks!

Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

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