last run in September

The last run in September, late in the afternoon after the day packed with meetings.

The goal was to run an easy pace 9.5 K run to reach the monthly goal of 7 K daily on average.

I took a flat and asphalt course towards the east and through lower Črnuče. I ran by these fields on the way out.

In the end, it was 10 K. Goal achieved.

For September this meant:

  • 210.6 K of running
  • 1760 meters of total vertical climb - not much at all
  • 31 runs in 30 days
  • streak is at 822 now

Ps: I didn't record every run on @exhaust

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Proof of Run on Strava

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Better and better


damn that is some motivation, I have seen you doing marathons maybe I need to set a goal, maybe change it up a bit but I do enjoy my Sunday hikes.