45 min Recovery Run

The plan for yesterday was a 45 minutes long recovery run after the intervals the day before. The planned pace was somewhere between 5:45 and 6:30,

My wife and I were at Ljubljana's central market shopping for some gifts. Here are two details that caught my eye.

From there I decided to run home. In theory, the shortest way was around 8 kilometers long. In the end, it was 8.9 kilometers.

While running the watch reminded me of the pace and how much time I have left. When 45 minutes expired I was at the bridge across Sava, a good kilometers away from home.

I would love to have an option to continue the training session until I stop it manually.

This is the official part of the run.

Today, more intervals.

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST!

All the physical activity data that I display in my @exhaust and @actifit reports is gathered with the help of COROS Vertix 2 sports watch and displayed with COROS app.

Metrics and training plans are devised and analysed with the help of COROS Training Hub, currently in beta mode.

Proof of Run on Strava

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