2h endurance run

Sunday morning, 8 am. It's a cloudy day with a promise of a rain to come. Going out on a slow and two hours long run into the forest and up the hills. There is no hurry. There's even time for an occasional rest and bite of old bread with delicious dates. Every quarter of an hour there is such a break.

These rolling hills bring solace, a refuge from the hectic of the days before, a remedy for the evening with too much sweets.

They also bring a lot of knee-biting climbs and some gentle descents. Some of them were slippery, wet roots, mud, smooth stones. It is all part of the fun.

Good two hours later, excellent 600 meters of ups and downs, nice 16 kilometers of putting on foot in front of the other at a rhythmic cadence. Long run is a sanctuary.

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Better and better

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Wow what an intro!

I first catch wind of your blog and you are running 16 KN through the mountainous forest?!?! I like to think I am in alright shape but I have wiped out on shorter dog walks on level muddy trails. ;)

Do you use @actifit at all? With those sustained numbers, you would be rich!