State of Exhaustion - November 06, 2021


State of Exhaustion

November 06, 2021


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities Shared Recently:

imageAfternoon Ride 2021-11-06: a cycling activity by @master-lamps
Distance: 21.0km, Duration: 130 minutes, Speed: 9.69km/hr
Duration: 30 minutes
Saturday Yoga and Walking Tour: a yoga activity by @irisworldimage
trail run with Puma and new running poles: a running activity by @ervin-lemark
Distance: 5.21km, Duration: 44 minutes, Pace: 8.538 min/km

Cool Stories We Liked Recently:

imageAmazing Rocky mountain day hike (but we forgot something)By @dennis1
By @zo3dClimbing Blackburn Ravine, the Silvermine Dam and the Noordhoek Peak descentimage
imageWait an hour after eating before swimming? Turns out that is BSBy

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1argon - 69.24kmargon - 69.24kmervin-lemark - 2113.91km
2master-lamps - 49.42kmmaster-lamps - 49.42kmrthelly - 1871.07km
3jeferybgomez - 39.43kmjeferybgomez - - 1447.62km
4rthelly - 38.68kmanikearn - 26.4kmmanuvert - 1108.55km

Cycling Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1granad - 135.2kmgranad - 135.2kmdavidesimoncini - 6637.68km - - 105.01kmgranad - 6364.84km
3dejan.vuckovic - 75.67kmdejan.vuckovic - - 5026.01km
4master-lamps - 30.56kmmaster-lamps - 30.56kmdejan.vuckovic - 2374.35km

The delegation system for @exhaust users is now live! There is no pressure to delegate, but if you choose to, you should start receiving payments 7 days after the delegation is made! @exhaust strives to pay back 100% of the curation rewards that delegated HivePower earns!
Here are some handy quick-links for delegating to @exhaust via HiveSigner! (Links subject to change w/ upcoming HiveSigner v3...

Delegate : 25 HP || 50 HP || 100 HP || 250 HP || 500 HP || 1,000 HP || 10,000 HP


Thanks Exhaust! So surprised to see my name back in the yearly running leaderboard. I thought I would never see it with the last few slower months. That's good motivation for the end of the year.
Have a great week end!