Proposal Results For: ~~SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Distribution Changes~~: Failed due to not enough votes


Result: Failed due to not enough votes
Title: SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Distribution Changes
By: @patrickulrich

Users For: 100.0% (50.177234135555565 GP Total):
@patrickulrich with 7.182193370507417 GP
@yohann with 0.3962513773494846 GP
@taskmanager with 5.512242617548186e-08 GP
@pele23 with 0.5864470346750591 GP
@anadolu with 0.2844370840209812 GP
@coolguy123 with 0.05609028067244847 GP
@zahidsun with 0.7891352884762713 GP
@chekohler with 0.1210852419671387 GP
@fermentedphil with 0.02278081289749126 GP
@dudeontheweb with 7.319662873901297e-05 GP
@sportfrei with 0.16986661156027869 GP
@mastergerund with 0.002813091383552551 GP
@anderssinho with 0.11368060351861624 GP
@cryptoandcoffee with 0.0677760003654824 GP
@shawnsporter with 0.0043958697282072134 GP
@ptaku with 0.4423966955625654 GP
@certain with 0.02535290098593038 GP
@bluesniper with 5.469885591105749 GP
@ctime with 3.2269170751051663 GP
@limka with 0.14659730631277432 GP
@claudio83 with 0.0033879573231594766 GP
@erikahfit with 1.3571435622485761 GP with 0.12779309028404523 GP
@splines with 0.7987018725773373 GP
@rezoanulv.sports with 1.5045015989985346 GP
@dfacademy-sports with 1.18898026706131 GP with 0.4864164373486692 GP
@sbi-tokens with 0.231460698473194 GP
@cryptoandsports with 3.1496438162398563 GP
@mk-sports-token with 7.294649766567549 GP
@uyobong.sports with 3.9686467874021734 GP
@fun.sports with 0.3334912596827717 GP
@irman with 0.24990489791988216 GP
@devann.sports with 0.287183405554585 GP
@majorleague with 0.5864369367978081 GP
@phython with 1.105755869080166e-07 GP
@manuvert with 0.2771050619274174 GP
@ctpsb with 0.07972265137850798 GP
@adhammer with 0.15967057179655703 GP
@jfang003 with 0.12482525928085528 GP
@yousaf-sports with 0.8858362308081987 GP
@alokkumar.sports with 0.2132295942231037 GP
@brofi with 0.3769371109205998 GP
@bulgaria-sports with 1.2021433448369987 GP
@csport with 6.180677663170229 GP
@dragon29 with 0.0005686942122826141 GP

Users Against: 0.0% (0 GP Total):

SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Distribution Changes is considered Failed due to not enough votes

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We came really close on this one. Thank you to everyone that voted to support the proposal.

I wasn't planning to do this again if it failed but from what I've heard it sounds like a lot of people were away from the tribe this week as well. If we look at the support over the two proposals then I think it would pass if we could get all votes linked at the same time. I might consider doing this a third time if I hear from a few people to ensure they'd be ready to vote when its up.


I think you have to post about the day or time that you will make other proposal so that we all can be there in that day for voting


I don't think that's a bad plan to help bring more awareness, discussion and expected approval. I had originally intended to do petitions (non-binding) as a way of checking the temperature of the tribe before doing a proposal (binding) but just started jumping into proposals directly for no real reason. I think doing the petition with a set time for a future proposal makes a lot of sense.


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