SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Distribution Changes

account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

transfer_token("sportsrewards", 1, "SPORTS", "Update distribution to reflect latest proposal approved by sports-gov", account)


The SPORTS Token Fund needs additional funding to provide for the needs of the #sportstalk tribe. I wrote about the issues I ran into when upgrading our token a bit ago. Since that post, I proposed the concept of updating our token distribution to align our tribe to be more like Hive but that proposal didn't receive the necessary votes needed to pass quorum.

I'm not sure why the last proposal failed to gather votes. I have to assume that some users were away from the tribe at the time and didn't get to vote. For that reason I'm going to propose the changes again while tagging the top 100 stakeholders in the initial post in hopes that we get the necessary votes to pass. If for some reason you are opposed to these changes please let me know in the comments so I can attempt to arrange alternative proposals that could still add funding to the token fund system.

The Proposal

I would like to change our yearly inflation distribution in a way that would add up to 970,338,265 SPORTS to our supply each year. Those would be distributed as:

  • Content - 65% - 630,720,000/year
  • Token Fund - 35% - 339,618,265/year

That would allow us to still distribute 315,360,000 rewards/year to authors and another 315,360,000 of rewards/year to curators for providing the content that drives the ecosystem. The 35% allocated for the token fund would mean that we'd have enough to continue funding the 102.2M SPORTS to LP rewards for SWAP.HIVE while also leaving more available for allocating to other projects.

Since the change proposal I've also learned that it is impossible to fund our token contract with SPORTS from @sportsprojects. For this reason I realize that account is no longer needed. It would be made redundant by the portion of inflation being dedicated for their defined purpose. For that reason @sportsprojects will continue powering down and then send the rest of the SPORTS held to @null.

Update SMT Contract

The only change that will be made is to lower the reward per interval setting from 80 to 60. This will equate to 630,720,000 SPORTS a year that will be made available to content rewards. Those will be split 50/50 between author and curators.

Proposed Token Settings

The SMT reward pool will be updated as follows:

Post Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Post Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Curation Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of post reward should be allocated to curators. 

Cashout Window Days: 7
How long, in days, until a post is scheduled to pay out. Must be between 1 and 30.

Staked Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of rewards should be given as staked. Should be between 0 and 100.

Reward Interval Seconds: 3
How often to add tokens to the reward pool.

Reward Per Interval: 60
How much to add to the reward pool every reward interval.

Vote Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate voting power from 0 to 100%.

Vote Power Consumption: 200
How much vote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% vote.

Downvote Power Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate downvoting power from 0 to 100%.

Downvote Power Consumption: 1000
How much downvote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% downvote.

Tags: #sports, #sportstalk, #hive-101690

Update Token Fund Contract on Hive Engine

The only change that will be made is to update the maximum amount per day that is allocated to the token fund. This will move the maximum amount per day up to 930,461 and will equate to 339,618,265 SPORTS a year that will be available to SPORTS projects such as Diesel Pool rewards.

Once approved and updated a SPORTS Token Fund proposal will be made that offers to burn any unused distribution each day by sending them to @null. That means that some of these 930,461 may never make it into circulation. It will be up to stakeholders to vote proposals higher than that burn proposal for them to be funded.

Proposed Token Settings

The token fund contract will be updated as follows:

Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be paid out to the ranked proposals. You have to be the issuer of the token.

Vote Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for determining stake-weighted rank. Selected token must have staking enabled.

Vote Threshold: 20
Minimum amount of stake required for proposal consideration.

Maximum Duration: 730
Maximum duration of any proposal. Must be between 1 and 730 days.

Maximum Amount Per Day: 930,461
Maximum amount of payment tokens a proposal can request

Do you want to require fee to create proposals?: Yes

Payment Method: Burn
Fee can be burned or sent to the fee payment token's issuer.

Fee Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for paying creation fee.

Amount: 2500 SPORTS

The Costs

I am not requesting any funds for these changes and will cover the costs myself.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.


Top 100 Stakeholders

I've tagged the top 100 SPORTS stakeholders to this initial proposal as notification of the new proposal. If you would like to not be included in future proposal tags please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be sure you're removed from my list.

RankAccountGovernance PowerStake
1@patrickulrich7.185263167579517% GP130009763.452
2@mk-sports-token7.1424797821436234% GP129235643.188
3@csport5.5442585036409575% GP100317513.745
4@bluesniper5.469539210784738% GP98965546.898
5@edkarnie4.005283780724174% GP72471388.277
6@uyobong.sports3.9609022866686194% GP71668351.922
7@razackpulo.sport3.6147731584312544% GP65405510.181
8@ctime3.2100496192550088% GP58082464.335
9@cryptoandsports3.153181748788372% GP57053500.16
10@airforce2.6245024737466367% GP47487605.928
11@toni.sports1.9142525798067498% GP34636382.73
12@amr008.sports1.5512636790410932% GP28068481.176
13@rezoanulv.sports1.4998455897457947% GP27138125.047
14@bozz.sports1.3649291370496843% GP24696954.043
15@erikahfit1.3581102289307596% GP24573573.088
16@bulgaria-sports1.1916271023145948% GP21561236.392
17@dfacademy-sports1.188697964683617% GP21508236.734
18@fitcoin0.9918500864947869% GP17946481.864
19@ctpsb0.9827534645430448% GP17781888.078
20@cruisin0.9279958594705638% GP16791106.931
21@yousaf-sports0.8862772966026262% GP16036253.509
22@splines0.7977926072115193% GP14435216.321
23@zahidsun0.7832126382757973% GP14171407.151
24@ph1102.sports0.7660282346795539% GP13860473.481
25@abh12345.sports0.7518460827825528% GP13603862.391
26@dalzphoto0.7459277979459876% GP13496777.265
27@roger51200.7411852335436911% GP13410965.561
28@bcm.sport0.7366674339886714% GP13329220.74
29@steem.girl0.6098369556474815% GP11034356.919
30@majorleague0.5879761405490741% GP10638808.512
31@pele230.5857276052603513% GP10598123.636
32@hykss.sports0.5499729911213048% GP9951181.58
33@botefarm.sport0.503789168039527% GP9115533.981
34@pjansen.cpt0.49270566649378167% GP8914989.703
35@hivemachine0.4893133328292134% GP8853609.001
36@voter0.4814287683827973% GP8710946.118
37@ptaku0.4424871304109083% GP8006338.225
38@xak0.4396279994552523% GP7954605.264
39@cedstruct0.42981750646456685% GP7777094.734
40@yohann0.39568206357026414% GP7159449.875
41@h770.3898849232869668% GP7054556.732
42@flipstar0.37710282415115237% GP6823278.121
43@brofi0.3765615369149438% GP6813484.099
44@lightsplasher0.34904233628611353% GP6315553.17
45@automaton0.34644147762831395% GP6268493.374
46@cruis0.34400132703312636% GP6224341.421
47@fun.sports0.33344602072030055% GP6033354.279
48@tomlee.sports0.3009969394449578% GP5446222.356
49@actifit-peter0.296468342576823% GP5364282.169
50@devann.sports0.2871186404506128% GP5195109.164
51@blanchy.sports0.2857403580650482% GP5170170.597
52@edenparadise0.28402563408659104% GP5139144.474
53@salimbur0.27774810135490663% GP5025559.136
54@manuvert0.2743654948112441% GP4964354.436
55@fural0.27033863189438817% GP4891492.596
56@solairitas0.25615583934111313% GP4634869.914
57@irman0.25023481944608617% GP4527735.3
58@sbi-tokens0.23198990400549532% GP4197612.786
59@costanza.sports0.22495974727287657% GP4070409.51
60@flaxz0.22384747795107549% GP4050284.169
61@alokkumar.sports0.21326827215269853% GP3858864.591
62@cloudblade0.20732000115384208% GP3751236.897
63@talesfrmthecrypt0.20487171579356023% GP3706937.754
64@broncnutz0.2009985435092713% GP3636856.784
65@mcshayn0.2009812843110447% GP3636544.497
66@zainalbakri0.19875039835103825% GP3596178.967
67@sports.guy550.19771364688494047% GP3577420.042
68@teapassion0.19159805406435762% GP3466764.836
69@ekushya0.18878847111785643% GP3415928.394
70@stimp10240.18689438488157897% GP3381656.9
71@tbnfl4sun0.18511977374514732% GP3349547.182
72@anicom0.1806308342298997% GP3268324.553
73@indosports0.17967921775887324% GP3251106.056
74@pouchon0.17382510471781687% GP3145182.051
75@browery0.17079871942156893% GP3090422.799
76@jgb0.16831984095565558% GP3045570.106
77@beatsbema0.16754757762337716% GP3031596.815
78@sportfrei0.16749433677684167% GP3030633.478
79@cryptospa0.1646232643684757% GP2978684.449
80@adhammer0.16016353965254337% GP2897990.431
81@djsl820.15173578600778848% GP2745499.112
82@arsenal4life0.14932964015658592% GP2701962.439
83@moyse0.14847374194425048% GP2686475.863
84@limka0.14657449215767757% GP2652110.94
85@kolawole0.14609644485833087% GP2643461.178
86@rosatravels0.14279384922015673% GP2583704.191
87@obrisgold10.14022412268805773% GP2537207.698
88@toufiq7770.13790695134820222% GP2495280.925
89@nurdinnakaturi0.13726404188960975% GP2483648.156
90@guurry1230.13511792743292908% GP2444816.477
91@ireneblessing0.1347702631912862% GP2438525.859
92@fit.zone0.1277693692850964% GP2311852.063
93@ultratrain0.12744663487363173% GP2306012.524
94@actifit0.1274050398560648% GP2305259.906
95@opochtli0.12739277940162838% GP2305038.066
96@zellypearl.sport0.1262276745622353% GP2283956.722
97@philnewton0.12536968946403831% GP2268432.386
98@jfang0030.12480069318077341% GP2258136.998
99@freddio.sport0.12320749686715173% GP2229309.79
100@chekohler0.12047277874024845% GP2179827.948




Upvote here to support the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund



Upvote here to STOP the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund


let's hope we can get this one over the 51 treshold!


We're doing well for the first day. I'm with you though and would really like to get it approved.

Total GP Voted: 24.91847220741903 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%


We picked up roughly 4.5% which is a huge slow down in votes since yesterday but keeps us near pace to meet 51.

Total GP Voted: 29.440610102983733 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%


We are getting close! We need a litte more than 7% more stake to vote and we'll be there.

Total GP Voted: 43.93523344874165 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%


We slowed down again today but we are still very close to getting enough votes.

Total GP Voted: 45.99482495376386 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%

There's still a number of people who upvoted the main post but haven't voted on a comment yet to cast a vote on the proposal. If you're tagged in this comment would you mind to also vote on the Yes comment if you support this proposal or the No comment if you don't. We still need a little more than 6% of GP to vote before the proposal becomes valid and your votes could get us half the way there.

@roger5120 @steem.girl @automaton @alokkumar.sports @sportfrei @djsl82


We are so close I can taste it! Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday. I'll probably do a tag for the top 100 that haven't voted a bit later today if I have time.

Total GP Voted: 46.744240256207654 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%


We are only 2.5 GP away from getting this approved! If you see anyone on the list who hasn't voted please tell them to go vote.

Total GP Voted: 48.64772302140236 / 100 GP
Required GP: 51
For: 100.0%
Against: 0.0%


I see u doing a lots of work we support u . Thanks


Thank you for the support @dragon29! It should hopefully build up and get us over the mark this time.


You are doing lots of hard work. I support you 100%. carry on. I love very much @sportstalk for sorts social community very first ever in blockchain. I am looking forward because @sportstalk has a great future. There have very few people in the world who don't love sports watch or play. Most of the people of the world are involved in any kind of sports. When they will know about #sportstalk and #sportstalksocial must be they share their opinion in this platform and it will be more popular. Very near future #sports token will be reached not a moon it will be marsh.
I hope sportstalk knocks on everybody's door.
Long live #sports #sportstalk #sportstalksocial.


Thank you for the support @ekushya! I'm thankful for everyone that participates in our tribe and I agree I think our future is still very bright.


I hope I am not too late. A 100% yes from me, for what it matters!


There's definitely still time, you can cast votes as long as the rewards haven't paid out yet for the proposal. Thank you for supporting it! It's looking like it has a much better chance of passing this time around.


I'm sorry for all of the repeated mentions this week on the proposal. We are so close to approving the changes that I wanted to tag all of the top 100 stakeholders who haven't voted yet to encourage everyone to vote on the distribution changes I proposed for SPORTS. We almost got these approved a couple weeks ago but were short of meeting quorum by a few points.

If you would be in favor of supporting the changes above please vote for the Yes comment from @sports-gov. We only need a few more % points in the next couple days to get us over the required 51% and your vote could be key to us hitting those marks.

RankAccountGovernance PowerStakeVote
5@edkarnie4.005283780724174% GP72471388.277No Vote / @razackpulo3.6147731584312544% GP65405510.181No Vote
10@airforce2.6245024737466367% GP47487605.928No Vote
11@toni.sports1.9142525798067498% GP34636382.73No Vote
12@amr008.sports / @amr0081.5512636790410932% GP28068481.176No Vote
14@bozz.sports / @bozz1.3649291370496843% GP24696954.043No Vote
15@erikahfit / @erikah1.3581102289307596% GP24573573.088No Vote
16@bulgaria-sports / @hive-bulgaria1.1916271023145948% GP21561236.392No Vote
18@fitcoin0.9918500864947869% GP17946481.864No Vote
19@ctpsb0.9827534645430448% GP17781888.078No Vote
20@cruisin0.9279958594705638% GP16791106.931No Vote
24@ph1102.sports / @ph11020.7660282346795539% GP13860473.481No Vote
25@abh12345.sports / @abh123450.7518460827825528% GP13603862.391No Vote
26@dalzphoto / @dalz0.7459277979459876% GP13496777.265No Vote
27@roger51200.7411852335436911% GP13410965.561No Vote / @bcm0.7366674339886714% GP13329220.74No Vote
29@steem.girl0.6098369556474815% GP11034356.919No Vote
32@hykss.sports / @hykss0.5499729911213048% GP9951181.58No Vote / @botefarm0.503789168039527% GP9115533.981No Vote
34@pjansen.cpt / @pjansen0.49270566649378167% GP8914989.703No Vote
35@hivemachine0.4893133328292134% GP8853609.001No Vote
36@voter0.4814287683827973% GP8710946.118No Vote
38@xak0.4396279994552523% GP7954605.264No Vote
39@cedstruct0.42981750646456685% GP7777094.734No Vote
41@h770.3898849232869668% GP7054556.732No Vote
42@flipstar0.37710282415115237% GP6823278.121No Vote
44@lightsplasher0.34904233628611353% GP6315553.17No Vote
45@automaton0.34644147762831395% GP6268493.374No Vote
46@cruis0.34400132703312636% GP6224341.421No Vote
48@tomlee.sports / @tomlee0.3009969394449578% GP5446222.356No Vote
49@actifit-peter / @peter20170.296468342576823% GP5364282.169No Vote
51@blanchy.sports / @blanchy0.2857403580650482% GP5170170.597No Vote
52@edenparadise0.28402563408659104% GP5139144.474No Vote
53@salimbur0.27774810135490663% GP5025559.136No Vote
55@fural0.27033863189438817% GP4891492.596No Vote
56@solairitas0.25615583934111313% GP4634869.914No Vote
58@sbi-tokens0.23198990400549532% GP4197612.786No Vote
59@costanza.sports / @costanza0.22495974727287657% GP4070409.51No Vote
60@flaxz0.22384747795107549% GP4050284.169No Vote
62@cloudblade0.20732000115384208% GP3751236.897No Vote
63@talesfrmthecrypt0.20487171579356023% GP3706937.754No Vote
64@broncnutz0.2009985435092713% GP3636856.784No Vote
65@mcshayn0.2009812843110447% GP3636544.497No Vote
66@zainalbakri0.19875039835103825% GP3596178.967No Vote
67@sports.guy550.19771364688494047% GP3577420.042No Vote
68@teapassion0.19159805406435762% GP3466764.836No Vote
69@ekushya0.18878847111785643% GP3415928.394No Vote
70@stimp10240.18689438488157897% GP3381656.9No Vote
71@tbnfl4sun0.18511977374514732% GP3349547.182No Vote
72@anicom0.1806308342298997% GP3268324.553No Vote
73@indosports0.17967921775887324% GP3251106.056No Vote
74@pouchon0.17382510471781687% GP3145182.051No Vote
75@browery0.17079871942156893% GP3090422.799No Vote
76@jgb0.16831984095565558% GP3045570.106No Vote
77@beatsbema0.16754757762337716% GP3031596.815No Vote
79@cryptospa0.1646232643684757% GP2978684.449No Vote
81@djsl820.15173578600778848% GP2745499.112No Vote
82@arsenal4life0.14932964015658592% GP2701962.439No Vote
83@moyse0.14847374194425048% GP2686475.863No Vote
85@kolawole0.14609644485833087% GP2643461.178No Vote
86@rosatravels0.14279384922015673% GP2583704.191No Vote
87@obrisgold10.14022412268805773% GP2537207.698No Vote
88@toufiq7770.13790695134820222% GP2495280.925No Vote
89@nurdinnakaturi0.13726404188960975% GP2483648.156No Vote
90@guurry1230.13511792743292908% GP2444816.477No Vote
91@ireneblessing0.1347702631912862% GP2438525.859No Vote
93@ultratrain0.12744663487363173% GP2306012.524No Vote
94@actifit0.1274050398560648% GP2305259.906No Vote
95@opochtli0.12739277940162838% GP2305038.066No Vote / @zellypearl0.1262276745622353% GP2283956.722No Vote
97@philnewton0.12536968946403831% GP2268432.386No Vote / @freddio0.12320749686715173% GP2229309.79No Vote