Sportstalk Curation Showcase #43

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Sportstalk Curation Showcase which is special as every edition is special as it represents who we are. The aim is to highlight our very own Sportstalk tribe users hoping they can gain some extra recognition by gaining a follow or two. All of the showcased posts are live meaning they all fall well within the 7 day window of curation.

How Bayern Munich Destroyed German Football: All The Bullying

@amirtheawesome has been busy doing a series on Bayern Munich and I would recommend you all rewind and go back to the first post as it is fascinating to how these football clubs think and do things. The sad part is they get away with what they do due to who they are. Bayern Munich are not the only bad club around as every country has them and we know who they are as they abuse their position. If you can recall a few years ago Bayern Munich donated money to the other League Clubs to help them through the Covid lockdown period. How generous when they had screwed those same clubs out of millions in dodgy backhand deals. This is a n interesting read and highly recommend giving the entire series a read. I hope @amirtheawesome does one on each League as these clubs have so many skeletons in their closets as they are all dirty.

Sportstalk Sunday (American) #4

The weekly American Sunday Sports edition is what @dagger212 creates for us these days and it is great for people like myself who don't follow American sports mainly due to the time difference as they are in opposite time zones. I think I have only watched one complete American Football game from start to finish as lets say it is an event and takes forever to get through. If you need an update look out for @dagger212 for his weekly Sunday edition.

Formula One - Season 2023 - 5 Weeks Until First Race!

@ga38jem with a gentle reminder that the next Formula One season is only 5 weeks away. Kind of crazy to think this as the season today is much longer than it was before Covid as so many new races have been added to the calendar. Don't forget Vegas is this year and should be an epic weekend. There is actually so much going on as drivers have swapped teams or lost seats and wangled their way back in for marketing purposes (Riccardo). I enjoy @ga38jem posts as his updates keep us informed from any snippets we might miss along the way. Testing is next up in Barcelona and we will see where the teams are and how much work they still need to do before the first race. 5 weeks is not long and I think every racing fan wants to see Mercedes and Ferrari competitive this season.

The Brutal Reality of Professional Sports

I do enjoy @empress-eremmy's posts as the topics are always thought provoking and out of the box type thinking. This is what makes them different and so interesting as this post is a prime example. It is very true that only a small percentage of sportsman take the lions share of money available and the rest make do with the leftovers. Most still do very well and have to think about their futures a lot sooner than a top paid athlete. Many choose to remain in the sport and it is normally not the top players who come on to make a name for themselves later in their careers. I know personally many who have achieved more after their careers were long over by getting involved whilst still playing whether it is in business or the sport they play.

Thank you once again to the contributors this week as these are all different types of posts in what they offer as these are not match recaps as thought and effort has gone into these. Until next time stay busy and keep writing great articles.

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