5 Choke Hold Defenses Women Must Know


We all want to live a happy life. We expect that you never have to fight to survive or self defense. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are not under your control. If you learn self defense, you will be more confident to deal with unfavorable situations.

Choke is a dangerous attack. If you are unable to defend yourself fast, you will be in a big problem. Let's watch this video and talk about some techniques.

In this video, you will see different ways people can choke you and what you can do to defend yourself. Let's talk about the first technique that shows in this video.

If the attacker chokes you with both hands, how to defend yourself?

When the attacker puts his hands to your throat, you can grab his both hands and pull it outside. But if the attacker is very strong and holds you tight, this is not going to work. So you can use the next technique where you make your throat hard so that it would be difficult to choke you. Then turn your heads under the attacker's arms.

Alternative Technique 1

In this situation, you can use another technique. The moment the attackers choke you with both hands, grab his thumbs with your index fingers and thumbs and pull it outside. You are applying force against the attacker's thumbs and pulling it outside, the attacker cannot do anything and you will get rid of this.

Let's talk about the third choke, you can watch the video from 4:24 minutes. The attacker chokes you with one hand and you are standing against the wall. So you cannot step backward. You are sort of stuck over there. What can you do in this situation? You can use the technique that shows in the video. Turn your body to the side and slap the attacker's hand.

Pay attention to the thumb of the attacker when you do this technique. You are turning your body towards the thumb as if you are looking at the thumb. Okay, you are not looking at the thumb, I said that so that it would be easier to understand and remember. And at the same time slap his hand with your palm. Remember to use your whole body while doing this technique.

Alternative Technique 2

Now let's talk about another technique that is not in the video. Do you remember the first alternative I said earlier? You can use the same technique here. Grab his thumb with your index finger and thumb, and pull it outside. Use your left hand when the attacker chokes you with the right hand and use your right hand when the attacker chokes you with the left hand. This is a very effective self defense technique against choke.

These two alternative techniques you can use to defend yourself against choke. Hope you find it useful. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and watching the video.

If you like martial arts, please follow me @RezoanulVibes. I am sharing different things about martial arts and self defense, and sharing my opinions and point of view. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Take care. See you around!

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