The Journey Of Learning Martial Art

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When you decide to learn martial arts, you get admitted to a martial art school or enroll in a martial art course. You are so motivated to learn martial art and finally, you are there to learn. Now you start your training. You have to listen to your master and keep practicing.

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At the beginning of martial art training, you will see many students. After a certain period of time, some students do not continue learning martial arts. They might have different reasons. Maybe they are not motivated enough to continue learning martial art. Maybe they get busy with other things. Whatever the reasons, you are the one who can make the ultimate decision to continue learning martial arts.

Nothing happens overnight. You have to learn step by step. It takes time, effort, patience and dedication to learn martial art. Before learning martial art, ask yourself why you want to learn martial art. It is very important. If you have a strong why behind learning martial arts. It keeps you motivated along the way. It works like a driving force.

Martial art teaches you not only how to defend yourself but also how to apply the knowledge of martial art in your life. It teaches a lot of things like discipline, focus, respect others, teamwork, confidence and so on. It helps you to be a better person to your family, society as well as the country.

You have to go through different tests and you have to pass the test to get to the next level. When you pass the test, you will get a new belt.

Are you wondering about how a Shaolin student has to face the test to become a Shaolin Master?

I am also interested to know about that like you are. I am going to share a video about that. Let's watch this video together.

Hope you like this video. If they fail the test, they have to wait for three years to try again. If you fail a test in martial art outside of Shaolin temple, I do not know you have to wait for that long for another test. Do you know anything about that? Please let me know.

Thank you so much for reading this post and watching this video. If you like martial arts, please follow me @RezoanulVibes. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section.

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Nothing happens overnight 👍
I like those words, everyone needs practice .

Thank you so much @bireuen.sports for reading this post and giving your feedback.
Have a great day!

It's really an art. It's my dream to learn self defence.

Martial Art is not just art, there is also the science behind it. Thank you @rana2423 for your comment!

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