Elbow Strike For Defense, Prevent and Strike


We usually do elbow strike as an attack. You can hit the opponent with an elbow strike. When you do elbow strike, you have to be on close range. Do you know that you can use elbow strike as a defense and prevent your opponent? Let's talk about it.

If you read one of my recent posts - How To Deal With Non-Stop Punches, I talked about how you can deal with someone who punches continuously. This is usually a difficult situation. If you do not know how to deal with it, that can be a problem.

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When someone throws a punch, you can use elbow strike as a defense. In a street fight, people do not wear gloves. When someone comes and punches you, you can hit his fist with your elbow strike. It just destroys his fist. Maybe he will not be able to punch you anymore.

You have to be careful when you use elbow strike as a defense against punches. If you do it slow or fast, you might miss hitting the fist. In that case, you can get hit. So, you have to do it on time to make it work for you. Otherwise, it might not work.

When someone moves forward, you can put your hands forward to prevent him. If he still moves forward, you can use your elbow as a barrier to prevent him from coming towards you. You can use your elbow to prevent someone and then you can make your next move.

Elbow strike is a very powerful strike. Elbow is hard and you can do elbow strike to attack your opponent. You can use your elbow in different ways to hit different parts of the body.

To do elbow strike, you should practice basic elbow strike first. Then you can do sparring with your training partner and get used to doing elbow strike in a fight. When you practice with your partner, be careful so that you do not hurt your partner.

You know how to do elbow strike. It does not mean you can go for doing elbow strike right away. To do elbow strike, you have to be on the close range. If you just get in to do elbow strike, your opponent can kick you or punch you and you will not get a chance to get close to him. In a fight, when you get close to your opponent, you can do elbow strike and it is very effective for self defense.

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