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Although you know how to kick, punch and make different strikes like palm strike, elbow strike, hammer fist, and knee charge, you are not going to do well unless you understand and control the distance in a fight. It is a crucial factor in a fight for self defense.


You can punch or kick to your opponent, but every time you do that, you see your opponent already moves out of the kicking or punching range. And you cannot even touch him, let alone hit him.

Likewise, if your opponent gets too close to you, it is difficult to kick. Sometimes you need to close the gap and fight. Sometimes you need to make the distance between you and your opponent.

So how can you control the distance?

You can do front kicks and make the distance between you and your opponent. It is like you are pushing your opponent with the front kick. If you do Muay Thai, you know it very well how to do it. So the front kick can be useful to control the distance.

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You can kick to your opponent knee, and it is a great way to control the distance. To attack you, the attacker has to come to you. He cannot do that staying far away. So the moment he moves forward, his knee can be the target. You can stop him doing kick to his knee as well as below the knee.

You can kick to your opponent knees in different ways. You will have another advantage if you do low kick to the knee or below the knee. When you kick to the knee, it is difficult to see and defend. As a result, you can hit the target and go for another strike. If the attacker finds it difficult to move because of your kick to his knee, he cannot do much to attack you.

Sidekick while holding hand.jpg

To make the distance, You can also push your opponent with your hands to move him in another way. In case the opponent gets close to you, you can do elbow strike, hammer fist and knee charge, and push him.

If you are good at footwork, you will find it very useful to control the distance. You can move forward and backward as well as to the side according to your opponent's movement. And you can make your move effectively. Spend some time to spar with your training partner. It will help you understand what to do and how to make the distance.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Although I do this days are most staying away from fights and disagreements, I could not agree more with this self defense technique you outline above. I also feel that getting the needed space will make you strike your opponents in an effective and efficient way. Thats my contribution

Distance is a crucial factor in a fight that we usually overlook. Whatever you want to do - punch, elbow strike or kick, the distance between your and your opponent matter. Thank you for your feedback!

i love this strategy,before to keep me distance i keep on running..😂😂

Thanks for this tips sir.

Controlling distance is very important. If you can run and keep the distance way long, who can catch you anyway? :)

Thank you for your comment. See you around, @bien!

Indeed bro,i like this tips so much. because just in case i know what to do if there is no space to run :)

I think this publication is very good friend @ rezoanulvibes for the techniques and strategies that you have to take into account in a fight using the skills you have to make a good self defense and keep distance.

Thank you very much for your support, your votes for my son very important and my food to continue here on this wonderful platform and talking about what I like most are sports greetings and blessings friend @ rezoanulvibes.

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