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I talk about different things about martial arts and self defense. Hope some of you will find it useful and take action to learn more. It can save your life one day. When you are in that situation, it is not a normal situation where you relax. Sometimes you might get freeze for the time being.

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When you feel something is going to happen, you will be alert. So you pay more attention and be on the present. Dealing with a situation like this and training in martial arts institution is not the same. When you train with your partner, focus on that. It is not that you talk about what happened last night or what you are going to do at the party tonight.

Your intention to strike and defend yourself while sparring with your partner increases your alertness that you need in a fight for self defense. I just made a post about Why It Does Not Work - Self Defense. If you wonder why the technique does not work for self defense when you face reality, you can read that post.

Your intention is to defend yourself, not to prove something that you are good at fighting or have some skills to beat those guys. That makes the difference. When you think like that, your action would be different. It is not that you have to stay there and keep fighting. You defend the strike, counter-attack, and get out of there as soon as you can.


You do not want to stay there in case the attacker gets up and starts attacking again or, some of his friends come, and things get worse. Please drop your ego when you fight for self defense. It will not help you. Try to be calm. I know that's difficult in that situation. If you understand the attacker's intention behind the attack, you can make your move accordingly.

Don't give up. If you get hit, don't think it is over. You can get up and fight back to defend yourself. Be aware of your surroundings and make your move based on the situation.

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