Intercepting The Intention For Self Defense 2

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He is a good guy. We love him. He has no enemy. But someone attacked him and he got hurt pretty bad. Sometimes we hear things like that. We do not want to see someone getting hurt like that.

We talk about different attacks and what you can do to defend yourself. I made a post about Intercepting The Intention For Self Defense 1. This is episode 2. There are advanced techniques that you can understand better if you have experience.

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Someone throws a punch, you can strike him instantly and hit him before his punch reaches you. You can intercept the attacker's kick like that. So how about intercepting the intention?

Behind any attack, there is an intention. You might not realize that, but there are some reasons for the attack. Someone can attack to take your money, phone or valuable assets. Someone can attack in order to kidnap you, then don't know what attackers will do after that. Or, someone can attack you just to hurt you.

If the attacker attacks you for money, and when he gets your money, he will move away. If you are being attacked and the intention of the attacker is to hurt you, he will hurt you even if you give your money. The attacker does not want your money.

If the attacker's intention is to kidnap you, and somehow he is able to do that, that will be a big problem. After being kidnapped, you are not in control and they can do whatever they want. So you see there are different intentions when you are being attacked.

You might hear me saying something over and over, that is, be aware of the surroundings and take action based on the situation. What I am saying, that is not something spiritual, that's practical. And you have to be practical when it comes to self defense.

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As soon as you understand the intention of the attacker, you can make your moves effectively to defend yourself. For example, if someone wants your money, give him your money. Then he might not attack you. And based on the situation, you can counter-attack to defend yourself.

If you are being attacked and the attacker's intention is to kidnap you, prevent him so that he is not able to kidnap you. He can punch you, he can kick, but make sure that he cannot take it away from there. If you hit him and he strikes you back, and later, he is able to kidnap you, that's bad news. Your every move should be preventing the attacker from kidnapping you.

When you intercept the intention of the attacker, you can defend yourself. Thank you so much for reading this. I share different things about martial arts and self defense. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out some of my recent posts.

I really appreciate your support and feedback. Thank you so much for being with me.

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Self Deference in Nowadays is a Must Required Skill for Everyone to Ensure His Safety or if Required to Help Others..

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