Things You Should Focus On Your Martial Art Training


You decide to learn martial arts and enroll in a martial art course. That's your first step in the journey of learning martial arts. You are excited about this and that's great.

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Your mindset is very important in your martial art training. If you think you will learn everything in a couple of weeks, you should change your mind. If you just want to learn some basic moves, that's exceptional. But if you really want to learn it, it takes time, patience and consistent effort.

There are some rules in your martial art institution. First, learn those rules. And you have to follow those rules. It is some basic things like what you can or cannot do during the training. Pay attention to what your instructors say.

You are going there to learn martial art, but you see you are doing nothing but some exercises for a week or so. Maybe you are wondering what you are doing there instead of learning different moves like punches and kicks. The thing is, you are not ready yet to learn those things. You have to be prepared to learn different moves. So do exercise with your 100% attention. Then you will be ready to learn more.

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Don't do training just for the sake of training. What I mean is, you are practicing but you are thinking about something else. When you do sparring with your training partner and start talking like you know what happened last night? That girl...

Well, I also like to know what happened last night, but not now. When you start talking like that during your sparring, your mind is not there. You can do exercise listening to music. When you practice martial art, you should use your body and mind on every strike. You strike as if you mean it. Think someone is in front of you and you are hitting him. Now make your move and strike. You will feel the difference on your strike.

When you practice parry and blocks, you think someone is attacking you and you are defending yourself doing parry and blocks. It is fun to learn martial arts. You can have some fun and you also have to be serious about your training.

Follow your instructors' instruction. Maybe you do not understand why you do different things. Don't worry, that's okay. When you learn more, you will know why you learned that particular move. Be consistent in your training. It is very important in your martial art training. If you do that, you will be surprised to see your progress.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you like to learn more about martial arts and self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts.

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