Totally Biased Curation for the STS Fam (Now with extra Hot Sauce!)

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Another week has passed since I did a post and felt a few musings stood out for their excellence or ability to provoke thoughts. There has been a lot going on and dialogue is better than no dialogue but also Pirate Ships don't steer themselves. Sometimes also a Pirate ship can be steered to hard and then the Sirens come to lure unsuspecting Sailors to jump into the deep waters without a life jacket. Well, enough of Pirate talk and Booty, off to the posts!


  • @delegate4upvot (BULLIES!!!!! I can't even count how many good people on numerous platforms get run off or don't invest or leave because of this. Women and the more vulnerable often are targets and it's taken a lot for any woman who actively is successful without needing an entire crew behind her to stand her ground. It's not okay to go at one group then give a free pass to another because of gender, color, creed..e.t.c.... I see it EVERY day and at times see so much hypocrisy I'd like to barf. The cool thing is others see it too and everyone can express these thoughts. I think seeing it get rewarded or incentivized will be a thing of the past once Top Ramen becomes the food of choice as prices sink further and further across some well deserved waters. If you make you living solely off crypto then God be with you with the flood of changes under the Trump Admin. coming. I voted Vermin Supreme as am a Libertarian so whatever!)

@reverendrum (fun and a good cause collided in what amounted to after about hour 20 , some very interesting singing and other feats of fabulousness to not only run for a prize of a NEW X BOX but for a good cause. We figured we could help and did, the post is still open on what can be given. VERY HAPPY that TWO WHOLE REFS helped, thanks to RUNNING REFS @ABH12345.sports and I believe @Bozz helped!) Thanks to everyone else who UV for it, I remember things like that when I VOTE

baa.steemit gif.gif

*no attribution needed, have a great day :)


@philnewton is back! Methought the sirens got him, clearly he had other plans! Those alluring sirens be the scourge of mine crew, I tell ye...

In all seriousness, great post (and not just for including my post to help @swolesome's charity drive initiative). All good work from great people.

Go sports!

lets get that goat on the moon!

Methodist thougfhts methoughts

sirens gort him, like that one movie about sinbad the cartoon

isnt that @battleaxe fav movie? Eris?

Thanks much for the tips, y2 have a great sunday!

Hello dear friend @scarletreign excellent healing of the period. I share your words @rezoanulvibes is one of the authors who dedicates more to this sports platform, and the best in terms of personal defense post.
I take the opportunity to wish you an excellent weekend and a happy rest

thank you jlufer :) you always have upbeat words to say, ha ha I hope @rezoanulvibes upvotes my post :P

105 sports tokens upvoted , congrats, wanna help m,e get sports to $0.01 like SAND is? of course was easier for sand cuz its 10 million max supply but even at a few billion sports can get tpo $1 just argue that fitness and sports is worth it i been doing research like this to justify 41 CHl for @challengedac



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