By the end of this week I will be a SportsTalk Orca (277,000 SPORTS)

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Thanks for the support everyone. It means a lot. If you watch the video you’ll get an even better thank you (plus get to see a sneak peak of my new camera accessory.)

I am at just over 250,000 SPORTS. All of which has been earned and then staked.


277,000 is the magic number to become an orca on #sportstalk.

You can view how many SPORTS tokens it takes to become a minnow/dolphin/orca/whale on @holger80’s previous post. He also included the same info for all the other #tribes.

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Wow... you are so cool. Surely many are jealous to see it. I'm also trying to get a lot of Sports Tokens.

Thanks for the kind words.
I would rather you become motivated rather than jealous. We can all do great here.


last week I started to follow you. you were a dolphin and now your a orca…..

You remember very well.
I’m glad to have you stopping by frequently.
I’m thankful for the quick progress. Just goes to show literally anything can happen on Steem. Taking a day off isn’t something I do.

love the hustle man


Well done fella :-) I couldn't quite work out that post from Holger , so what are the levels here for dolphin , orca and whale please?
It would be also nice to see a sports style league table of Stakeholders .I'm sure some one could work out how to do that !

The staked token sum is what you want to look at.


Yes the table sounds like a good idea.

That's quite an achievement there, bro. It takes serious dedication and focus to this. I'm not sure i can pull this as i'm really not a video person. i'm following you now for more awesome content.

I decided to test sportstube out today as well. Although, it was just a link i shared. I think i will be more interested in writing than making videos.

Thank you my friend.

Many prefer to write, making videos feels unnatural to some. Both writing and creating videos can be difficult.

As long as you are aiming to do better everyday you are already doing great in my book.

what an amazing peat buddy, I subscribed to your channel on sports tube hope to see more of your future posts

Thanks a bunch! I aim to have some new blogs uploaded very soon.
Until then, I think of my best #sportstalk articles was my first one. A satirical piece on James Harden.

What??? hahaha Rick Ross looks like James Harden on a multiverse hahaha you got me there, unusual articles I think youre the only one did this kind of article here on steemit lol.

I have no voting weight just yet I just started maybe 5 or 6 days ago but anyway hope I can support your next articles after i powered up.

The similarity is just too close!

Just stop by and comment if you enjoy my posts. That’s good enough not me. Don’t worry about having a low vote weight. I gave you a follow and will upvote more of your posts in the future.

Thanks actually this is the first time I enjoyed reading an article here on sportstalk hahahaha realtalk, this kind of stuffs usually are seen on facebook or just shared by someone. I gave you a follow too and right now Im browsing your page

I appreciate your honesty. I know some post links only, I prefer to make mine a little more unique.

Facebook has lost me, I’m deep into Steem. All the different tribes make it easy for me to navigate now.

Hopefully you find some more cool stuff on my blog.

Wow you hit a new milestone already that's awesome to know many congratulations well deserved keep sharing more awesome content

Things happen quickly here on Steem.

Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me 😁


And I thought I was doing good at 35k LOLOL

That’s 35k more than the people who have never been on Sports Talk. So you’re killing it in my eyes.

I was posting a solid article everyday for over a week, but with all of the different tribes it’s hard to focus on just one. Be on the lookout for DPorn, the next tribe to launch. And honestly probably gonna be huge just like sports talk.

ha ha ha the last thing i need my my married life is dporn lol but ya. it’s gonna be big.

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Uh oh, the tightly woven strings that are monogamy.
Well perhaps you better just set your auto votes up before the website goes live 🤣😂

I hear ya though, DPorn will be a blessing to some and a curse for others.

ha ha ha yeah man. but i know it’ll be a success. perfect avenue for these token projects.

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We're making something good aroubd here champ. Regards.

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They said sports talk in 6 this year!

Enjoy your posts keep it up and awesome job accumulating so much well done

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I see you comment on my posts often. I really am thankful for your time.
We are all earning up a nice bag of SPORTS thanks to getting here early on.

I'm happy I am already an Orca now. I've carefully checked the Sportstalk platform and I can foresee a better direction. That for me is the reason why I invested hard in this platform.

May the Sports be with you :)

Damn, you’ve got yourself a nice bank full of SPORTS.
Seems as though the SPORTS run deep in this one.

Quite exciting run :). I'm looking forward for games and tournaments to be hosted in this platform.

That will happen I’m sure.

I haven’t had the spare time to be active on #sportstalk the last 3 or 4 days. Somehow within that time period I have managed to cross 250,000 SPORTS and watch the price of the token drop quite a bit. No worries, I am still planning on staking all of my SPORTS for the long run.

I just wanted to take the time to thank each one of you. Both for being active on Sports Talk Social & for supporting my content directly.

We’ve got an awesome tribe here my friends.

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I'm also planing to stake 100k in monday. I'm exicited about that and I'm happy to meet so many well staked here that I know. It's for sure one of the best tribes. ☺

My man, that’s good to hear. Sticking with #sportstalk is a great way to get to that gold medal we all crave so badly.

It has been great run for sure. I am up to 50,000 sports tokens and growing. Congratulations to you you have done great job.

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This has been the most rewarding tribe, in my experience. I’m loving the growth.

great job sar

Time for you to become a whale :D that would happen for sure and i think too soon anyways many congratulations :D