Welcome Inaugural SPORTS Referee Team

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We are happy to announce that SPORTS stakeholders have successfully held their first election for users to contribute to the Referee team. These users will serve the #sportstalk community by moderating content posted within #sportstalk. If you receive an upvote from one of these users then that means they like what you're doing but if you receive a downvote then that means they feel your content is outside of our community guidelines.


If you are visited by one of these accounts then I would recommend reaching out to that user on Discord. Referees can then give you an idea for why the felt your content was against our Community Guidelines. Referees are here to help users grow and to stop users from taking advantage of the rewards pool by using content that isn't their own.

If 5 or more of the referees all downvote your content then that means you will be receiving a downvote from @referee which stands to remove much of the rewards. It will remove the rewards to your post based on the average of the % that the referees downvote your post. If this is a continued behavior then it is likely that your account is referred to the penalty box. Before that becomes an issue we ask that users take a moment to reach out to the team and gather an understanding for what is seen wrong with the content at hand.


If you are one of the newly elected referees then you should have received a message from our @SportsTalkSocial Discord bot announcing you were elected. This will open a few new rooms for you to access. These rooms are geared to help referees discuss content among themselves and to determine what needs action taken.

From here all you need to do is vote on content with your referee account. If you feel something is the best thing you've read on Sports Talk Social then give it an upvote. If you find it's not to the community standards then give it a downvote. If the mental consensus of the referees align then the content will be either upvoted by @sportsvoter or downvoted by @referee.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to @patrickulrich within Discord and he will be more than happy to help explain the role better.


If you've not yet voted for a referee then please visit https://referee.sportstalk.social to cast your vote for a referee today. The more stake behind each candidate reinforces the community's trust behind those individuals. I'm sure they will thank you for it!


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Congrats 💐 to the elected refs.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Congratulations 🎊 to those voted for.

That's great that you are trying to make the platform more useful. I hope the referee are going to do their best to keep the platform clean.

But i would better like to know them by their name, mean their actual account name.