200 km in a month - a big milestone for me

When I started out in November using my Strava app, there are a number of challenges that you can take on. They are 5k, 10k, all the way up to something absurd like 100k runs in one go. They also have monthly total challenges such as 100km total all the way up to probably something crazy like 1000km, I don't know. I haven't looked that far yet.

Well when I started in November I decided to take on the 100km in a month challenge. I figured that this was just a 5k 5 times a week and I was already doing that most days anyway. But by the time I got to 100k, i was only about 18 days into the month so i figured, why not just go for a 200?


Yesterday, even though it was rainy and cold I had only 6.1 km remaining to hit 200 kilometers. I knew I had to do it so I laced up my boots, put on a long sleeve shirt and hit the bricks. I'm not gonna lie, the start of it was very difficult because of the cold. One good thing about running in the cold is that there is a sure-fire way of warming yourself up.... run harder!

I kept a good pace but unfortunately found out that my bluetooth headphones aren't exactly waterproof as they shut off halfway through the run. I find a lot of motivation in my music, so this was a bit of a downer but I knew I had to finish the 6k.


Needless to say I did not encounter very many other runners during my trip and it is easy to understand why. The weather was horrible and there were puddles all over the place that I had to dodge. In the end i easily completed the 6k without stopping and had plenty left in the tank... I easily could have done a 10k as I was just starting to hit my stride right around the time that it was time to stop.

I'm quite proud of myself for having done this because when I started the month I wasn't feeling terribly confident that I was going to be able to run the 100k, let alone double it. My plan for December is to step away from running a bit and instead hit the weights harder because although my cardio has definitely improved from all the running, I feel as though I have lost a lot of upper body muscle and I want that back.


By the way Strava is an amazing app and it is free. They do hit you up to pay for premium but I don't really understand the added benefits. The free version does all the important stuff.


Great effort man, that's an awesome achievement. I have recently got back into running, and looked at doing the 100km challenge but I'm no way near that level at the moment (and trying to do it right now will almost certainly lead to injury)

Oh and seconded, Strava is an awesome app! I think the paid subscription is mostly about ways to analyse your run, for the normie runner its not needed

Have yourself a !BEER to celebrate! (just the one, its still early in the day 😉)

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Well done! I generally manage over 100km each month, but would need a couple more runs each week to get close to 200km. I've not actually been looking at the Strava challenges lately as I pretty much forgot about them :) I do have friends on there, so I do look out for their activities. I like all the stats I can get there. I wish more people would come over and use Hive as they can blog their runs using @exhaust that syncs to Strava.


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Wow man, that is great! I think I have maybe run that much in all of 2020!

it is wonderful that you done great walk all the month