Getting a Body Mass Index reading is very eye-opening

I say this as someone who is a little bit of a non-believer when it comes to this technology because I don't understand how a scale with some levers on it can determine my entire body composition.


You stand on this thing with your shoes off, enter your height and age into the machine and then it beep beep boop boops for a while and spits out a printout to tell you all sorts of things about yourself that for some people they would probably rather not know. Some of my results were a bit shocking to me but not all bad news.


As my name suggests, I am a normie and I am not going to go "all in" on fitness like some of the people that I see. I am definitely not coming down on those people because I do admire their dedication but I like socializing and drinking beer - an aspect of me that I am not going to change. You can see that I have 200% something in the middle of my body there and you should be around 140 to 150. This is because even though I run and bicycle every day and also hit the weights 3-4 times a week I still drink beer every single day. Much of the time this is low carb beer, but it isn't always like that and I realize that if i were to cut this part of my life out I would likely be in super shape quite quickly.


Basically, I am not going to stop drinking beer. The trainer said this to me: "You need to cut beer out of your diet" to which I responded "no, YOU need to cut beer out of your diet, your job depends on it, mine doesn't." He laughed but then I explained to him that I was joking and not being defensive, even though I kind of was being defensive.


So I am slightly out of "Normal" for all of the figures and I find it is bit funny that Skeletal Muscle Mass is even on there because how are you going to change that? Maybe that is why the trainer crossed that out.

I feel as though as a normie who is going to drink beer every day unless his liver explodes, the level of fitness that I have achieved is probably as good as it is going to get for me since I do love beer and socializing and I have no intention of changing up either of them.

As far as the gym is concerned, I didn't sign up for it and likely wont because it was more expensive than my current gym and is also smaller. They specialize in having free trainers and classes and while that might appeal to people that are just starting out, it doesn't to me. I don't really want someone telling me what to do nor do i like waiting for machines and weights.

I think as though their tactic of showing you how bad you are right out of the gate is actually a bad tactic to try to bring in new members, especially when the person talking to you is a slightly condescending professional trainer that, of course, is in exceptional shape and probably eats nothing but broccoli and protein shakes.


So in the end I guess I was happy to have a score of 80 out of 100 and if you have a chance to use one of these machines I suppose you should do so. Just be ready for some shocking information because I really wasn't expecting to have that much body fat in my system. I also question if the machine is accurate because it all seems a bit too magical to me.


I guess having these machines makes it all look scientific, but I note the values are estimated. Health is always a compromise. Just eating the 'right' stuff can make life boring and there are limits to how much we will exercise. In the end you don't get to live forever and it can be a lottery with all the other things that can affect you.

Live well and be happy :)

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Just eating the 'right' stuff can make life boring

I have a family member that is one of those people that almost never eats anything that is fun because she is maintaining an elite athlete figure but in her situation she has to because she is an IG model and very nicely paid trainer. She has to do it... but for the rest of us and normies like me, I exercise BECAUSE i want to eat not-the-right stuff.

I think you and I think eye to eye on this point :)

Yes, I run so I can eat cake and drink beer :) Those who really commit to their sport have to make sacrifices. You can't live forever, so I think you should enjoy life as much as possible.


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sheesh if you are that off kilter on the readout I definitely don't want to see my own results. :(