I keep getting ankle sprains from running... why?

I am the type of person that when I have a minor injury, I at first have this attitude that I should just "man up" and run through the pain. I am not 20 years old so I am just now starting to stop being such a jackass and do what the very first thing they recommend when you get a sprain no matter your fitness level: Rest.


The thing that I don't understand is why is this happening to me? because I am not a beginner, I stretch after every session, and i don't recall any sort of tweaking my leg such as hitting an unexpected uneven surface. Yet every now and again I simply wake up and one of my ankles is swollen and now I have to walk like a zombie.

In the past, like I mentioned before I would simply run through it and go anyway, like I am some sort of super-hero. Actually, that is what I have been doing all week and even though the pain does subside a few km into my run... lo and behold later on I'm in greater pain than I was before! Imagine that!

I don't have all the answers to stuff and I know that I do thing incorrectly on a regular basis. This kind of comes with the normie territory in that I don't really know what the hell I am doing I just know what has worked for me in the past.

Remarkably, I actually was able to "run through the injury" in the past and this worked for me. However, I don't know how much long term damage I may have done and kind of just lived by the mantra that since our bodies are very adaptable machines, that my tendons that are part of the sprain in the first place would simply adapt and become stronger. I have no idea if there is anything medically sound about that notion, i never bothered to check, but I do know that it worked for me in the past.

However, as they say, I am no spring chicken anymore as I am around 40 years of age and I probably have rogue injuries like this to look forward to in the future.

So now that I realize I am not unbreakable I think I will go ahead and use the "RICE" method of healing.


No not that, but if you are a visual learner like I am perhaps this will help you. For most people this probably seems intuitive and you knew it already... for me, I am a stubborn bastard and will only revert to staying at rest once it becomes absolutely necessary.


  • R = Rest and this is the thing I hate to do the most. It seems so simple that hey man! Your body is telling you to chill out since you are having trouble walking and your ankle feels tight. Maybe ease up a bit on the running for a bit ok?

  • I=Ice and this is a tricky one because for me, ice is too cold. I recommend you get one of these ice packs from 3M instead because they are a more reasonable temperature than a bag of ice is. You can also use some sort of wrap to hold it in place while you chill out and eat nachos or whatever

  • C=Compress and i'm not going to pretend why this works but you are meant to have some sort of compression sock or bandage around your ankle. I don't know why it works or why it is recommended but most sports scientists agree that this important and they went to school for a long time so let's just go ahead and take their word for it.

  • E=Elevate ... so you keep your leg elevated as much as possible above where your heart is. Again, I don't know why this is important but the doctors say so and I'll listen to them.

For someone like me that has another acronym in their life that is R.E.D. (Run Every Day) this is horrible news that I have to sit a few plays out but honestly, I am now kind of accepting the fact that this is going to become increasingly necessary for me as I get older. I may have to find some other sort of exercise and mix things up a bit to ease up on the amount of strain that I am putting on my ankles. I already own a bicycle so that is the logical next step.

So I hate getting older, but I am going to have to admit that I cant simply Rambo my way through everything anymore.

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I don't know everything about fitness... hell, I wouldn't even say I know very much... but I did lose 50 lbs and kept it off over the course of 3 years now. If it worked for me it can for you as well!


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I am finding recovery is much slower as I get older, so I try to avoid injury. I probably ought to stretch more. The last year has not been too bad and I think I only missed some running early last year when I got some sort of flu. Don't think it was COVID. Still waiting for my vaccination, but I have very little contact with other people. Definitely don't want to get sick again.


I definitely need to stretch more. I think I'll start to focus more on that and see what happens. But you can't really stretch your tendons, can you? I'm a normie, I don't know these things :)

I try to stretch a little before I run. Not sure what was up today, but my legs were just not into it. Still did okay though.

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Yah getting older sucks! Just means we have to use our wisdom a little more to detect the changes and alter the way we listen to our bodies.

I just developed achilles tendinitis this week and it has gotten me off my general routine of training Jiu Jitsu. Bugs the hell out of me not to have that as part of my routine but with the lockdown shuttering our academy, I suppose the timing is alright.

You wanna new subscription to rogue injuries and the most interesting exercise imaginable? Go find your local Jiu Jitsu club! I started training right around 40 and never looked back.

I think I might have that as well. A lot of the pain that I have is in my Achilles. I'm very stubborn when it comes to going to doctors though :)

Me too. My wife heckles me for it but I just hate treating symptoms rather than addressing the cause.

I just went to the doctor so that I could have him tell her it was not gout. ;)

Srsly though it was debilitating for many days. Biggest tendon in the body I think he said. Get it checked!

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