13,000+ Sports Sent To Null.

We've made our promise and we are keeping to it, the vision to burn a very large percentage of this 100 billion Sports is coming to light bit by bit and we won't stop. Not today, not tomorrow.



Join us as we intend to do more.

For your information,with the 100 billion tokens created, it would interest you to know that the total amount that has been sent to @null hasnt reach 1 million Sports.

So, with your help,we still have a lot to do.

If you're thinking of how you can contribute to this, your little upvote will go a long way in helikg your investment on this platform.
Here is what you can do to help 👇👇

Be Part Of This


I may contribute in the coming weeks..But truthfully the front end is in need of a makeover.

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I believe @patrickulrich and his team are working on it.

We are burning all the SPORTS rewards on the daily curation reportsso those are helping to get more burning. We've also got a decent sum of ad revenue that should be coming our way from the Hive Engine team. I've still never heard word on when they plan to do another pay out, token purchase and burn for those rewards. According to their ad revenue site it's over $400 but aggroed already said not to trust that number. I'm still expecting a decent sum of it but I guess we'll see.

Would you guys like to have another burn tool? I was thinking of setting up a bot that would respond to the curation posts with 9 comments. That would give 10 posts to vote per day that would always go towards burning without taking up additional post spots. It's just an idea for now but interested to see everyone's opinions of tools like that.

I also made sure the links are corrected for richlist to point to LEO and removed some older tools from the sidebar @botefarm. Thank you for letting me know and let me know if you see anything else off like that.

Oh, thanks a lot for that.

Very happy to see this reply, coming from the owner of the platform, I also thought of this too, to have like 9 other comments on this post and get it upvoted. But the turn up of upvote on the single hasn't been encouraging enough to push that out. Maybe when we start having like +100,000 sports reward, we can roll that out.
Don't forget, the main aim is to burn sports token to a very reasonable amount.
If the @sportstalksocial account and the curation account are amassing very large upvote, let's say +200,000 sports reward and with the way they are sending it to null, there might never had been a reason for this @sportsburn in the first place.

We(sports) will get to the top. It will just take time.