Rabona - Season 11 Ends Soon


Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

I'll let you in on my secret recipe. These players in a 4-2-3-1 formation are doing quite well lately. I hope I won't jinx them :)

I needed two signings in the middle of the season. Red cards and injuries reduced the team to less than eleven players. It happens.

The last two matches after my post Rabona - Kicking Some Ball In Second League went well too. Surprisingly well.

First, a scoreless draw abroad against my friend @fullcoverbetting's team KRC Genk. Then a home win against the league-leading team FC Rondrana 20 managed by @rondras.

The standings five matches before the end of the season.

Season 11, League 2 / 631 - standings after 25 rounds

12 points maximum to gain are available. I am happy with the performance so far and I'll be all right even with a lesser placing.

How is your Rabona season* going along?

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Must read introductions and instructions for the beginners, masterfully prepared by @jelly13:

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Better and better


I finished 9th which I consider as a success for playing more than half matches on autopilot.